Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Wolf Den: LBD Preview

From Contributing Editor Clay Riness
Editor In Chief, The Weary Wolf Journal

This was largely a see if I could embed an MP3 player into a blog posting. It worked beautifully! For starters, here's a first taste of our new, long awaited project, Little Black Dress, an album of original music I've been working on with friends Terry Nirva and Brett Huus. This is the opening put on your headphones or run the output to your best speakers. And, welcome to our world!

At the end of this post, you can even download and print the lyrics with chords! I love technology!

Listen to "Something That I'm Not"

Something That I’m Not
Clay Riness and Terry Nirva

I have watched her rise. I have watched her fall.
I have seen her it her all.
And I know she cries, and I’ve seen that too.
See it in her eyes. Try and help her through.

I am her friend. I am her confidant.
I won’t pretend to be something that I’m not.

What’s a friend to do when his friend’s in need?
Stand and hold a hand. Let her poor heart bleed.
Wipe away the tear. Recognize the loss.
In the coming years she will feel the cost.

I am her friend. I am her confidant.
I won’t pretend to be something that I’m not.

What would Jesus do? Lay a hand and heal?
What if it were you? What would that reveal?
That was another time, and another place.
Things are different now from the good old days.

I am her friend. I am her confidant.
I won’t pretend to be something that I’m not.

© Copyright 2004 Clay M. Riness, Terry Nirva, Brett Huus

Print lyrics and chords for
Something That I'm Not


  1. Wonderful... Tim Kolek, my Rose River bandmate, told me you had a new cd out. You need to publish it on iTunes... all it costs is about $40 through I was telling Larry Dalton about it last night, he and his brother have some out of print CD's that he's now considering put it on there for distribution. Heck, I'd go buy something if I knew.

    Even Raldo has a bunch of stuff out there, but he doesn't have Lance Romance on there... Weary Wolf still has the tapes don't they?

    Back to the post... Awesome... do wonder if it could be set not to be auto play... that can drive me nuts on some sites, when I can't find the post to turn it off. HA...

    You'll have to show me this trick.


  2. Zem...

    I discovered this morning that it was auto playing (I've got a flash block on Mozilla and so I have to choose to play it.) I went to another browser and found that it was coming on automatically...not what I wanted.

    Sooo...I started to experiment with the HTML code and remedied the problem. All fixed. Now, you have to click play on the player to listen.

    Let me know when you want to learn this how!

  3. Has a very good smooth feel, almost dare I say... Eagle like.