Sunday, May 26, 2013

Am I a twit to tweet?

I've avoided it long enough... I have a couple of sites I'm working now with twitter so I reactivated davezeman@davezeman  The Lucky Dog tweets rather than howls.

Speaking of the band, first we have a Facebook page... any one is welcome to like us.

And recently Sue in a moment of excitement screamed, we're Lucky Dog and the Bitches.  Oh well I doubt if we'll bill ourselves as that, and occasionally I do get a guy like Tim, Jim or Kevin to help me out.  Though usually I am the Lucky Dog and surrounded by beautiful women.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Great River Folk Fest 2013 Line up

Dar Williams, Willy Porter, Claudia Schmidt, The May North, Barbara Jean, Harmonious Wail, and of course my favorite SHEL!

Oh my this will be a great weekend.

Follow us at Facebook 

And we are now on Twitter  @GRFolkfest

Friday, May 17, 2013

Love is in the Air

Here's a post originally from Sept 3, 2009... I will miss The Office, but I will miss Pam (Jenna Fishcher) the most... so glad they kept her and Jim in love during the last season!


A giggle here, a wink there, and the signs are out.
Then that skip across the room screams out loud.
Love is in the air.

Why do their heads tend to tilt when they talk?
Is it that their reasoning brains have gone soft?
Love is in the air.

Words flow seemingly to stretch the time.
Conversations on and on over red wine.
Love is in the air.

From a distance, we look and marvel
Keep going, you’ll never find another travel.
Love in the air.

Dave Schipper © Rose Riversongs (2007)
Dedicated to Pam & Jim….. maybe I can't wait for the return of the Office too...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hope Waits - The Blues Mobile Video

Hope Waits has graced this blog before but not with such gusto of new quality videos from

Her interview... loved the promise of the next cd.

One of my favorite songs she hasn't released yet; boy I love the smile she gets while she sings this one!

Didn't know this one until I watched it.. She's doing a little to help David instrumentally until she decides her best instrument is those pipes.

Hope Waits performs "Drink a Little Poison" at the 2nd Annual Roots and Blues Festival in Boulder, Colorado. Performance took place at the Fox Theatre, May 2012.

There were actually a few more that you should check out...but remember to go like Hope at

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chicks dig guitars..

So ladies?

I know ... you don't need to sing, right?

I have so loved this song for over 30 years... it came up in a random iTunes mix from my 21 days of music on the computer... that and other reasons compelled me to learn it tonight.  The original some is Edgar and a piano... so this version is Dylanized on guitar.

It's in D... and I have to thank the other guy that's on YouTube... his version is more difficult to play than mine, but it's in the same chords he's just playing them up the neck and sometimes partial or diminished.... weird I learned this song on the day that my 86 year old mother died.

Happy Birthday Lissa Schneckenburger

When I saw Lissa Schneckenburger 's birthday was today... I wanted to hear that great voice she has... you might as well hear it too.

Samsel and the Skirt

Samsel & the Skirt got me this morning... one of those "Sponsored" links in FaceBook.. well it was money well spent... they found themselves a new fan.  Here's what they had to say about their video:

Friday video!! Our good friend Jared Lichtenburg (who doubles as an amazing film maker) Shot this video for us. We wanted to do a tribute to my grampa Terry so we found this Mississippi esk field, stuck a mic in the grass and sang some blues. Hope you like it!

And here's how their website described them... curious how Kelsey picked up the knickname of "The Skirt"... looks like a fun couple to hang with too.

Samsel and The Skirt officially became a band in early 2011, but Cary and Kelsey have been a singing duo in the Portland live music scene for the past few years, playing anywhere from coffee shops to The Cascade Blues Festival.  Ranging from a duo to a 5 piece band they play anywhere they can.
Recently releasing their first EP was a long awaited goal. Now with one under their belt they have already started on their next. Samsel And The Skirt are excited for the future of their music and lives, seeing as Cary and Kelsey recently got married it looks like they are in it for the long haul.
More music to come!!
 Cary Samsel grew up in Portland, Oregon, sitting on his back porch listening to world class R&B singers rehearse in his dad’s home studio. Cary became completely infatuated with guitar at 15, eating many meals with a spoon in one hand and a guitar in the other.After playing professionally, backing up many artists touring, recording and writing, Cary met singer Kelsey Easterbrooks and started working on his/their own musical path.
Kelsey Easterbrooks
Kelsey Easterbrooks grew up living in Boring, Oregon, when she wasn’t traveling the world learning about other cultures and making lifelong friends. She began her singing career helping lead worship for her church and writing songs with her friends for fun.
At 18, Kelsey started singing professionally after finding a musical bond in Cary Samsel. They started writing musical conversations and haven’t looked back.
After returning from a 3 month stay in Africa, Kelsey has an ever changing outlook on life, providing her with many songs to sing.

The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band

You know you've made when you've been covered... Ladies of SHEL have officially made IT!

here's the Original so you didn't have to search for it...

Beekeeper Aoife O'Donovan & Iron & Wine

Great video of a new song being release soon.  Aoife is a talent, and I've just found another fantastic You Tube channel- WNYC Radio.

Here's another great video from the station... Iron & Wine..

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Introducing Emily Crowley

I ran into Emily when I was looking for a good cover of Water in the Fuel... and while the background noise was irritating, it made me curious... she's a talented young lady... here's an original but her site is full of great covers.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weber Instruments

SHEL continues to amaze me... and I think Bruce Weber has found a fantastic musician to promote their mandolins.  Here's a post from their Facebook page.

"Good morning everyone! Well we've come home from Austin and promptly made you a little music video. Eva was given a teeny tiny mandolin by Bruce Weber from Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments and it is the loveliest sounding thing in the world! She and Hannah composed a little theme on Hannah's toy piano from Schoenhut Piano Company to celebrate the upcoming story by SHEL. We hope you enjoy, and dunna forget... The Circus Is Coming."

and then there is her sister:

"Guess who is officially endorsed by Kurzweil?

Thanks @Calistro Photography for the picture."

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Amy sings with Sid Selvidge

Amy Speace sings duets with Sid Selvidge... sounds like I'm going to iTunes today... Amy is on video at 4:00 mark.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

SHEL interview..

Blog readers get prepared for SHEL mania from me as I get excited for their visit to LaCrosse Wisconsin August 24 & 25th Great River Folk Fest.  If you are in Austin Texas today, they are playing at the Pecan Street Festival at 7:00 tonight.  Get out there and enjoy them.