Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr Corner Man

Mr. Corner Man

"I sing each day one step at a time"
sung the corner man down to his last dime
and if life hadn't rewarded him as an honest man
I would've kept on walking and avoided his tin can
of wrinkled dollar bills and rusty spare change
and an old duffel bag he kept at close range

Old, tired and defeated, down on his luck
Mr. Corner man never begged anyone for a buck.
He was admired and praised for his strong skill,
never ignored or disregarded but still
no one could imagine life in his shoes --
hum his tune or sing his blues

But people listened, for that's all he cared
Plucking strings from an old guitar, the music prepared
was the harmony of his heart filled with appreciation,
a soulful melody well worth any donation.
When all was over, applause was heard from the grateful.
Rattled and shook up, Mr. Corner man was thankful.

Tarringo T Vaughan



  1. Absolutely wonderful... boy at times... you would like to trade places for a day.

    Thanks Tarr.