Friday, April 25, 2014

Introducing Rouge Girls

I was sent a recommendation of this all woman group in the UK, and went to their Video Page and while I didn't know the original song, I think after hearing both... I like the girls better... You?

Ha... I didn't know James Blake and this video had 15 million views, he isn't bad I just liked the girls version better.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Forgotten 40 Day 1-20

My first 40 day journey of new music is in the books, catch up at 1-20 or 21-40, next up Forgotten Favorites as defined here.   So let's kick it off.

1) Idle Hands by Ryan Fitzsimmons, Boy the devil loves idle hands, so I'm making sure I use them to tell you about some great music.  Ryan a east coast native has been touring for about ten years, I'd love to hear him some day, and I forgot how much energy this song has... it it's a story that kicks some crime scene.

2) Dreams by Abbie Gardner,  This fine dobro player is part of Red Molly, released this fine song in 2006 on a cd Honey on my Grave also has one my other favorite songs Caffeine.  I do need to have more Abbie in my collection, I guess that's why I'm mining these forgotten favorites... sometimes I forget I love more than just the song, the artist and the woman deserves some attention.

3) 1952 Vincent Black Lightning by Beth Wood,  Yes given the 126 songs I have to pick from there will be good friends in the list.  Beth is the first one, and this is one of the songs that convinced me to book her the first time to our House Concert series.  This Richard Thompson song was first in my head by Greg Brown, but since I've listened to Richard and even watched him live on Austin City Limits doing the song.  Beth's voice on her smooth guitar playing keeps this as one of my favorite versions.  I highly recommend both the song and seeing Beth live.  Go get the song at :

4) Old Pine by Ben Howard Looks like Ben got in my place list after I heard him in Paste magazine back in 2011.  Typically if I get a free song I like, (Three Tree Town) I have a habit of going and buying a song.  This is the song I purchased and it is especially is worthy for any one to discover him.  Starts with a clean interesting acoustic guitar piece, but moves to a tenor like Josh Ritter, and the writing is very full of imagery. I should probably have more of him in my collection.

5) Tonight an Angel Fell by Chuck Allen Floyd.  On Easter Sunday it's appropriate to have my utmost favorite angel tune.  I believe this snuck into the under forty plays only because I had to refresh my iTunes library since I got this song in 2008.  It's a classic country song, and why it isn't covered over and over is beyond me.  "She makes me feel like Heaven, here in the honky tonk bar... " Chuck is a talented songwriter

6) All the Pretty Horse by Calexico, this haunting folk song is one I ran across one day, and it quickly became one I would exclaim as one of the best. It's from a 2006 recording, and while I have a few Calexico pieces in the library...this reminds me I should have more.  Their music challenges me to grow in my own arrangements.

7) Tractor by Drew Nelson, When I saw I had a couple of Drew's songs on my list of favorites under 40 plays, I knew he would make the list maybe twice... before and after he played our house concert series.  First up Tractor... if I'd be a John Deere and plow the field of your heart... truly this is a great piece of songwriting and fine guitar playing too.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The not famous Wedding Hallelujah version

Now, I know I wasn't the first to maybe adapt Leonard Cohen's song to be more "Wedding" or "Religious" rather than his passionate love piece that is more about broken love than unrequited love.

2011 I posted this to youtube, and it continually gets views and peaked at 105 in a day recently, all just end trails from the Priest singing a version in Church.  I'm not gritching or complaining... just would love to hear if my tweaks to the song inspired anyone to do the same.

The lyrics are also posted on my Musings blog at :  Also getting a few hits lately.

Here they are for you:

"Hallelujah" (wedding version)

I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
For you today we rejoice with music, with you
It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
Beloved king composing Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Your faith was strong but you needed love
Saw each other as light rose above
Beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
In a moment both became aware
You now share the throne with loving care
And from your lips, you sing Hallelujah

Today you have been here before
You know this room, You’ve walked this floor
You used to live apart before You knew each
So raise your flag on the marble arch
Love is a victory sacred march
So rejoice and go singing Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Odyssey by Tiff Jimber

I'm still trying to remember why Tiff Jimber is such a familiar name to me, but you'll also see Natalie Gellman in this video... Now I have to hope they are touring together when I book Natalie to my house concert.

40 days of music - Day 20 - 40

Thank you all the artists an others that have browsed, listened, or maybe even bought some of the music from day 1-20  It looks like iTunes no longer supports publishing playlists, but I'll look into it.  All I can tell you is that it has been my favorite mix to have on in the background or when I'm writing this BLOG, ha.  And oh the artist and connections.  20 left me at Natalie Gelman before we saw her live; what a treat, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again in the future, maybe even book her.

20) Hello Sunshine - Ethan Johns. This song is first because he was in Noisetrade described that fans of Richard Thompson, Tom Waits, and JJ Cale would like him.  Well after I picked up those songs, I went to iTunes and found this wonderful song that has a little mixed "Sunshine" feel, but boy is it great fit to my recent re-kindling love of Leonard Cohen.

21) Ockham's Razor - Mayday Radio feat. Natalie Gelman.  Ok so I bought everything Natalie had live, but iTunes sent me to a song she sang a duet on with Mayday Radio.  Good enough reason to discover a songwriter with a rebel cause.  Well I'll be learning more about him, looks very interesting.  Another reason you should all reach out to all those strings of connections, the web is wide and we are so lucky when it comes to accessibility of music.

22) On Your Own - Just Mammals.  Like I said at the beginning this journey has made for such an interesting background to life recently and I was grooving to Light over the Bridge by Pawns and Kings, so much I thought the next song would have a connection to it.  I found it was also in the IndieVidual CD on iTunes.  Cruised the songs and loved the way these guys had a throwback to 60's harmonies.  And their Happy Acoustic is pretty cool too.  Another British band with 4 lads.

23) Running Through my Head - Simone Felice.  I was looking to see if iTunes had taken out people publishing iMixes to the masses, and ran into a section where they were they had FREE music, and while the preview sample was the last part of the song, I took a flyer on it.  What a wonderful find, I need to hear more of this artist.  The song does talk to me, too many times I have a face running through my head, I'm a such a sucker for a romantic song.  I think the song would have been better without the drum track, but it's sure to get many of plays, so I must need to pay him (yes Simone in this case is a guy) back and buy a few other songs.

24) This too shall pass - Danny Schmidt.  I was first looking for an artist like Danny (a modern equivalent to Cohen living in Austin Tx), but when I searched him in iTunes this song came up, and I didn't own it.  So it's legit, and should we have a Biblically sounding song slipped into a 40 day journey from a spirit who doesn't claim a religion but I as a Christian expect to see him in heaven if my vision is right, and if his is we're enjoying it so why not enjoy some of the best DAMN songwriting you will listen to.

25) Whisky Priest - Dustin Welch.  Staying in Austin after Danny, but not because of him but because Dustin was pictured next my recent most favorite woman fiddler, Phoebe Hunt.  My comment on Phoebe's picture posted from her SXSW Fuel our Fire concert was, "Dustin's a lucky dog, got to check his music out..."  So I did.  Love how Dustin's website described the 2012 release, AUSTIN, Texas — Building on the thrilling strengths of his fearsomely original 2010 debut, Whisky Priest (which LoneStarMusic magazine deemed “one of the most compelling albums to come out of Texas in the past year”), Austin-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dustin Welch is set to release his second album, Tijuana Bible, on Feb. 12 via his own Super Rooster Records" Here is a link to the title track that I started with:

26) Heart of Gold - The Dedringers This post might ultimately that good songs last longer than the bands that sing them.  I went to the Dustin Welch post and iTunes said other people buying this song have bought Heart of Gold...Thinking it was a Young cover, I quickly liked the snipet and said yes... let's buy this and explore it.  Well they no longer exist, and maybe the band members will be future posts.

27) In the Back of a Pickup Truck - Kate Lynn Logan.  Boy I screwed up... maybe I got sucked into my life work, personal, or daydreams, but I did miss that this song was supposed to be number 20; and I love it.  Give me a pickup song any, and I now forget how I ran into this song... shoot.  I will and I and will make it up to her.  Suffice to say I think I'm on her mailing list and this song is a pre-release and it's wonderful country groove.  I have a reservation for the next pick up...go for it and check out this great song.

28) Kapuskasing Coffee - Justin Rutledge - Ok, I've been delinquent in posting, but I did buy this song two days ago and now I forget why, but it so good.  I know I will be buying more of this guy.  This sound also has such a beautiful female harmony and by his web notes I'm guessing it's Carina Round.  He's a Juno winning singer songwriter artist, so in essence Canadian... now wonder I like him... HA.

29) Keep it Alive - Matthew Barber - Ok this is not the first time I used iTunes Genius to recommend the next song, call it lazy but it's not like I take the first one and stop.  HA.  While I finding the link for number 28 I thought I would click on "others have also bought"... this smooth encouraging tidbit of sailing has a soul refreshing organ accent to a wonderful vocalist.  Sure enough, ANOTHER Canadian; I should just move there, but as I'm in Wisconsin I'm pretty close anyway.  This song is from his 2011 recording and he has more for me to explore.

30) Looking for a Kiss - Suzie Vinnick - Ok this is the last one from a Justin Rutledge "others bought" because guess what Hat Trick from Canadian.  This song caught me in it's little preview having all the ingredients for a song that I'll love.  Nice harmonica, a touch of accordion, a kind of a bluesy, and oh the right lyrics.  Any time a lady wants a kiss from me, they have my attention.  I can see this song showing up in our tear down set mix, because it's got that "Closing time" verse in it too.  She's sure to become another favorite, this song is actually now five years old.  Dang I love this journey so far.

31) Give Me a Chance - Parousia - Being Sunday and home from Church, I noted that Drew Nelson had shared a video of three sisters breathing new life into an old hymn, I was wow'd and have shared it within this blog HERE.  Of course I knew they needed to be in the 40 day journey; but oh what gem to pick.  They have two CDs in iTunes, and I choose an original song that has a beautiful banjo picking.  A perfect one for a calm day.

32) The Dirty ol Tractor Song - Little Miss Higgins. Of course you will have to read more about Miss Higgins at this blog post, suffice to say she's another breath of fresh air from Canada.  I should think about moving there already.  After a day of listening to her videos, I bought a song I hadn't heard yet, it has that fun storytelling again.

33) Hard Line - Jill Barber.  Oh my I can quickly get infatuated with an artist, and I quickly I fell for Jill  and have bought a strong signature song from her current Jazz groove, Oh My My... (which is also posted in the blog), but I choose Hard Line (same blog post for video) over my other choice Goodnight Sweetheart because I will keeping this iMix on my iPhone for awhile and I like the upbeat nature of this 2009 release, down to the clapping type of percussion, oohs in the chorus background, and the nice mandolin groove.  Maybe it was the line, "today I met a new love..." kind of like I do every other day.

34) Break up the band - Jed Zimmerman- So last night I was bouncing around iTunes with this wided eyed big head idea that I am down to 7 artist to add to the 40 day list, don't screw it up, and find someone cool... maybe one that not everyone knows, but who has legitimacy that iTunes thinks I should know him.  Truly I won't say who I was close on but said no, now, Break up the Band... a great fiddle, a story of musicians... I should be in and I AM... but then tonight trying to find out more about Jed, I was convinced I would change to The Weatherman, with the John Prine reference.. truly I need buy a lot of this story teller, may invite him to play my house concert in WI.  Suffice to say I'm staying with my first choice.

35) Little Black Star - Hurray for the Riff Raff When someone recommended this group to me, how was I to know how good they are and have been together since 2007; and of course when I checked them out, I knew they were going to hit the 40 day list with the first real cajun flair.  Such versatility and energy; look them up they are outstanding with passion vocalist in Alynda Lee Segerra.

36) This never happened, and I was never here - Shannon McNally  I loved this song's story and instrumentation.  This wasn't the song that attracted me to Shannon's music, again it as I was bouncing around in the iTunes "Also bought"  She's a fresh voice and I'm intrigued by her recent record with Dr. John, Derek Trucks, Vince Gill, and Luther Dickinson.  If she isn't good, she must be a nice person to hang with... HA.  I think the both are probably true.  The song I picked is from 2012 ep release that didn't even show up in her Wikipedia.  So go taste a song or two:

37) Pretty Girls - Erik Koskinen Ok if I didn't have the discipline to change the rules Erik would be 37, 38, 39, & 40.  I had the chance to see Erik for the first time at my favorite coffeehouse, The Root Note, with Barbara Jean.  (It is interesting that in this journey three concerts at the Root Note have lead to song selections and new favorites and friends.) Too many times we like fall into classifying artists as other artists, so let me fall into that trap again... he's James McMurtry, Mark Knopfler and Raldo Schneider rolled into one artist.  The song I picked has to one a pick because I kind of live by that mantra and write that way in this blog.  While I have a good woman for over 30 years, I fall in love Pretty Girls everywhere.  For those keeping track, Devil's Blues, Detroit Detroit, and Six Pack would be the rest of the songs.  Look this guy up and definitely see him live if you have a chance.  Ok I'm giving you the iTunes link but I bought both CD's again:

38) Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Jack Johnson.  Since Jack doesn't need much of a shout out, let's look at why I put this in the list.  Rose River is a cover band I play with and Tim, Paula, Shelly do great harmonies, and make me sound a lot better when I sing.  We're always looking for unique songs that fit us, and you have to admit, entertain us.  We just did a 4 1/2 hour gig last night following it with a 4 hour one tonight.  Got to love the stuff you play.  Tim found this in Sirius Coffeehouse, and immediately thought of us.  Now we might use the original words, but a two chord song with maybe Tim on the accordion has some hope.  Now some might be offended.  I found a pirate rip off video also on YouTube with the song and these comments: what is wrong with all of you , this version is brutal!!!!!..The start of it sounds like somebody I use to know, and the rest sounds like Barney?!!!!...really?why try to remake perfection??..... Got to love people and why does YouTube allow rip offs like that I refuse to post them on the blog... Oh well, I've always kind of hated this song, but now I own it and sure to play it a bunch of times:

39) Sparrow - Kelley McRae.  Kelley is not new to the blog and this song is documented in another post, but let me tell you the lyrics "Road I travel was cleared by a fool, and thief and charmer wrote the rules" and "Like a whore who will sell it cheap, but a girl's got to eat."... oh my she knows how to write:

40) Bright Lights - Rackhouse Pilfer. Just when I wondered who would be number 40, my buddy from my hometown shared with me a video of this song and said it was his new crush... Well done Rick.  A new Irish band that's playing "Americana Bluegrass"... we'll let you defect and you can Irish Americans playing Americana like the rest of us... HA.  They have a great sound, harmonies, and at least the studio doesn't just sound like a party... some serious stuff here.  I'm glad they made the list; and what a journey it has been.

I'm sure to have a recap what songs have truly had the most plays, and stuck with the most friendships... I'll start up my next 40 day journey soon... maybe on a Wednesday again.

Let Me Go - I am Snow Angel

This woman puts out creative videos... wow.. A touch of Spiritual longing for the after life, mixed in with her passionate whispering voice... sometimes I don't know if I she fear her or fall absolutely under her spell; well one this I know is that she's good.

Sparrow by Kelley McRae

So I did fall behind on posting about my 40 day journey of new music, and knew I always catch up on a Saturday morning.  Day 39 will be a lady who played the Root Note and I couldn't make it... I kept kicking myself, and will see her some day, if I have to book her to a house concert to do it.  HA.

This wonderful video had me back to iTunes to add this song to my Kelley McRae music library.

Here is a link to the lyrics:

And of course it was published on Sunday because I was in the middle of posting this and lightning struck and power went out for 4 hours, and phone/internet was out for 8 hours, then I had a gig, then I had church... now I have a glass of wine in my hand and I'm again enjoying Sparrow.

Fun for a good cause

Never to shy away from humor for a good cause... loved this Facebook video made by WXOW for

SaturdayApril 19th, 2014

Cost: $30 per 2 Person Team
When: Registration: 11:30 pm - Bags Fly at: 12:00 pm
Where: Moose Lodge - Ward Ave. La Crosse
Other Info:
16 Team Round Robin Tourney - Everyone plays 15 Game

Post by WXOW.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Introducing Shannon McNally.

I bet you'll never guess who might be day 36 in my 40 day journey... being 50% Bohemian this song titled lured me in and Shannon McNally kept me there.

Another Louisiana gem found in the suggestion area when I was review Hurray for Riff Raff.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yes I tweet...

I blog therefore I must tweet.  I do find that it's now more interactive for a segment of my readers and my artists that I'm discussing.

Follow me at which is of course ironic because if you tweet what the heck are you doing in Google...

I would argue...talking over 140 characters.

Hurray for the Riff Raff

I get an email that told me if we could get this band to our fest we would attract a younger crowd; and while I think young and old should love all music, I do understand SOMETIMES generations hover together.  Though Johnny Cash breaks ALL boundaries.

Looking into them I quickly agreed that I would love to see them and quickly said (in my head filled with Lady Mary's Eyes, the budget for next week, the transmission that needs fixing on a 330,000 Honda) Yes.. definitely.  Twas only the second song I listened to in iTunes of their's and said... "Yes I want this immortalized on my first 40 day journey".. and it will be...........................Tomorrow.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Girls Don't Poop BLOOPERS -

The outtakes are as fun as the original YouTube and since ours is a variety show in the vein of The Johnny Cash Show, it needs a comedy sketch or a sponsor occasionally.  But I just had to get the full stink of the research behind this, and in full fledge modern way to find that, WIKIPEDIA - So the product is for real and the question is out if Bethany Woodruff is typecast to a strange product or one of the luckiest young ladies?  I'm going to guess and hope it's lucky... She's a quirky looking beauty with an infectious smile.

I loved Wikipedia linked Gene Weingarten's editorial about "Poop Shame" from which the below cartoon is linked.  So with all this linking going on, I'd recommend you take you lap top to the bathroom and read : POOP Shame

Then watch the bloopers, if you haven't seen the original... they of course have it linked inside the video... dang Marketers of poop products.... oh wait ... we love them for we are now rich from their sponsorship.

Oh My My, you need to hear this lady.

I give you one of the best new songs I've heard lately... by Jill Barber - from an Juno Award winning CD Chances.

Now while going to get the link for above I was amazed she had Hard Line...  I really didn't know I was buying such a hit song and posting it into my 40 day journey.

Enjoy this talented lady... if it's new music to you, how the heck couldn't you enjoy it?

Next 40 day journey

With 8 days left, I have found my 40 day journey of new music too much fun so what's next.  I've decided.. 40 days of favorites that I've forgotten about.  I defined it by using iTunes smart playlist.  First it needed to be purchased in iTunes so that I can feel save to find a link.  Next I wanted to limit the number of plays, so I used why not FORTY plays as the limit.  I still had 2,153 songs to pick from so I used the 5 star rating and got it down to 126 songs to pick from.  Now just because a song didn't get a rating, didn't mean I didn't love it... it was just I never found myself sitting by the computer to give it a rating.  Armed with this, you should get many a good recommendations after I'm done with the current 40.

New Banjo

After 30 years with my beginners banjo, I'm playing it more often in public so I thought I'd upgrade.

It's still very entry level banjo, but it has a nice warm sound.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Little Miss Higgins- Bargain Shop Panties and more

Readers of this blog likely know that I already love Missy Higgins, and now another Higgins shows up on the blog.  This one again comes from Neighbors Dog You Tube channel first, but when I bounced around, she sure has gotten bigger bands to follow her, and why not... Great singer, and guitar playing that reminds you of Bonnie Raitt.

This was the first video I watched:

Searched out other selections from the show with Little Miss and this one gets pretty funny when she asks the host for a shot, and really showcases her lead guitar work.

Then I searched for her and "Bargain Shop Panties" came up and HAD to listen to it, wonderful:

Of course a song like that has to have a story... next up a live recording:

She come back the next year, and there must have been a part when she gave panties to the heavy set Big Dave, because they came back to this show:

And remember I said she's attracting a lot guys to tag along with her? I truly love this video, and now I own it... it won't be in the 40 day journey because I like to keep it to one song by artist. (The 40 day song is a Dirty ol Tractor.) You know with all these new artists it's hard.... Here's a link to the song it's just like the video below, because I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do..

Introducing Matthew Barber

Matthew was day number 29 and I knew I would spend more time with his music, I didn't figure that I would do it after I fell in love with his SISTER, Jill Barber. I ran into these videos with these great singers harmonizing, and quickly ran off to buy "Where where the River Bends"

And oh my this is one of the best covers I've heard of the Everly Brothers.

BTW... I found Jill is married, so she shouldn't worry about my love for her... I'll just keep it to iTunes purchases and YouTube views.

On other odd note is that I noted both Matthew and Jill are left handed guitarists... now how unusual is that, runs in the family?

Introducing Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

So as I watching Jill Barber on The Neighbor's Dog YouTube Channel, the complete show with Blackie & the Rodeo Kings came on... no way was I going to turn it off.  Oh my, great music, and now after 20 minutes I know a little more about this show that they run.  If all of their shows were like this, and had more distribution; HOUSE concerts would multiply.

Introducing Jill Barber

Can one fall in love after one song?  Maybe when it's sung by Jill Barber, like a commenter said on this video... love the swell at the end.  Could I wish to be the guitar she is holding?

Here's one with the whole band....Wow this woman is good, and has a great band too.

If you got down here, I'm also totally envious of The Neighbors Dog... a TV show about concerts in some pretty dang big houses.

Check her out at this Website :

Introducing Parousia

Parousia, according to Wikipedia, is a Greek meaning presence, arrival or an official visit.  I met these fine sisters singing on a video in Facebook.  Breathing new life into an old hymn.  They should did, and it was a wow moment.  Being on a Sunday, I was compelled to buy a song and put them into my 40 day journey.

They are a Christian group, and the word Parousia is mentioned 24 times in the Bible: Per Wikipedia:

The main use in theology is to refer to the second coming of Christ. However Karl Barth considered that category of parousia includes Resurrection Sundayand the Acts 2 Pentecost as well, and therefore that the New Testament parousia is not limited to his final return.[12]
That all said listen to these find voices.... and watch to the end, somewhat of their bloopers are on this video... and boy does it make them come across as some of the cutest people you will meet.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Introducing Suzie Vinnick

Oh my, I'd love to have this woman play my house concert series. Great blues voice, and wonderful blues playing for a solo performance... wooo..

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Whisky Priest - Dustin Welch.

Dang.. I should have known Jessie with would have recorded a song I've fallen in love with...#25 in the 40 day journey.