Thursday, January 31, 2013

Introducing Jami Lynn and Dylan James

I'm on the performers committee of the Great River Folk Fest for the first time this year,, and Jami Lynn's name came across the email. What a fine string banjo player for such a young pup from South Dakota; and he's a pretty good flat picker. Here's a link to her website. The duo formed like this: Black Hills duo Jami Lynn & Dylan James met on the street in the summer of 2012. Their fortuitous meeting not only revealed their shared love of folk, bluegrass, and jazz, but marked the beginning of an ambitious duo project harnessing Jami’s powerful vocals and Dylan’s first rate flat-picking skills.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I like I Like You

I like the fresh groove.  I like the harmonies.  I like the fact that all lady violin players are gorgeous.  I like how the use of a single trumpet changes the mood. I like "I Like You"

The video described it as:
The ever-colorful Wendy O'Sunshyne leads the equally colorful band, i like you. The band features a unique and energetic blend of vocals, percussion, guitar, violin, trumpet, upright bass and of course, ukulele. Here, the group performs their lively song "New Beginning" in Brant Kingman's North Minneapolis studio.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brian Miller and Randy Gosa MN Irish Lumberjack song

Not to be stuck in one music genre, let's spend four minutes going back the northern woods in Minnesota, and listen to a Lumberjack song that Brian Miller collected, with Randy Gosa playing an absolutely wonderful mandolin piece.  Here is a website with more information.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Introducing Elin Ruth

Wow so I ran into Elin Ruth in and I have been mesmerized at her talent and then I go to YouTube, and these great songs have no hits.  Of course then I hit this interview video, and she was talking in SWEDISH, but by the end she sings in perfect English in a great acoustic sound with her on guitar.  Now I wish someone could translate it.

Not to be done, she has a website, and it becomes clearer... here are selections from her about:

After four celebrated records, numerous award nominations and a dozen top chart hits, Elin Ruth is back at the beginning. Last year she dropped everything for love and moved across the Atlantic. Now it’s time for the acclaimed Swedish singer-songwriter to release her first album in the United States......

The result is a playful pop album, eclectic but perfectly balanced. The country element is still there, but mixed up with soul and gospel, taking the listener on an emotion journey throughout the 10 songs...

In many ways, it’s only natural for Elin to end up in the country of her musical heroes. Growing up in the small town of Mönsterås, by the windy Swedish east coast, her dad filled the house with American folkrock. At the time Elin shrugged it of as “old man’s music”, but when her songwriting turned serious in her late teens, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Donovan, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell all came re-visiting. Born on a cold winter’s day in 1981, she started playing piano at the modest age of four, developing a talent for playing by ear. Years later, she snatched a guitar from her dad’s home studio, spray-painted it red, and started to write proper pop songs.

Here's a video of her live... love how the languages switch so seamlessly.  I believe it's a matter of a short time when the US wraps it's arms around this talent.

Simmerkane I and the Fall River Sybils - Chadwick Stokes

There is something about linking up with artists when they share their music freely with you.  You end up sharing your precious email to get on their mailing list, and you get some of their music. is just a conduit for such an exchange.  I've met artists that I've gone to iTunes to buy more and more, and I've reconnected with favorites who have put out live tracks or other songs that I haven't feasted on. Then Brandi Carlile used it as a tease for her Bear Creek Cd release by giving you one song off of it.  It's addictive and I still probably haven't listened to every track I've downloaded in my time.

This weekend I quickly downloaded an artist I hadn't heard of Elin Ruth, and two I knew a little about Carrie Rodriguez and Chadwick Stokes.  Which brings me back to the blog title; Chadwick would not be in my iTunes if it weren't for my son buying the song "Coffee & Wine" below.  I always thought he was from England based on his accent, but he's from that hot bed of acoustic music, Boston.  I'm enjoying the Simmerkane... it's a re-release of early stuff, very stripped down.  Here's a write up of it.  So now Chadwick has my email, we'll see what news he'll send me.

This is fun sneak view into the chorus behind him...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rich Del Grosso... Mandolin Blues.

I was reminded tonight about Rich, and it took me such a short time to find him. I saw him over 15-20 years ago at the Great River Folk Fest.  Rich keeps the blues played on the mandolin alive and well... all I can say is that I wish I could play as well as him; and sing.. .that BIG baritone just let is slide.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Introducing the Wheeler Brothers

The Allman Brothers meet techno precision?  I do need to find out more about these guys.

More news on the release click here

Monday, January 21, 2013

Introducing Belle Starr

Belle Starr is probably a three piece group that you never expect... three drop dead gorgeous women, three outstanding fiddle players, three successful women that have played with other bands, and three Canadiens.

Here's how they describe themselves:

 Miranda likes champagne, pearls and stamps on her passport.
Kendel likes the smell of leather, a well told story and the backbeat of old rock & roll .
Stephanie likes road trips, fiddle jams, and old mgm movie-musicals.

I know of them because I follow Kendel Carson's career since she was playing with The Paperboys.  Then she went on to record & tour with the infamous Chip Taylor (Wild Thing)

But now Belle Starr is kicking some dust up in Canada, and life couldn't be sweeter for anyone who gets a chance to see them. Here's another write on them.   And here's a cool video they did covering a Fred Eaglesmith song.  Enjoy... I'm hoping they get to the states some day.. say my house concert series? 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My day was brought to me by..

Crosley turntables...!  I'll tell you I had an old Pioneer turntable for 20+ years, but it just wasn't holding the speed any more.  Now I have this cool turntable that comes with software and a USB for great importing.  I even used today the noise reduction on an old 60's record and while it lost that vinyl sound, it was clean and easy to listen to... dang it was not expensive too.

I remember when I first played a few records my son was amazed I had to turn it over to hear the other side.

On Very Last Day...

On very last day we may watch Revelations play out... what I'm hoping for a choir of people singing this song.. HA... It was really only today when I was importing some new OLD OLD vinyl that I was given.  I knew a lot of Peter Paul and Mary, but this was one new to me.  It was on their "In The Wind" LP released in 1963... goodness I was FIVE.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sponsor ad- Part Mormon LDS by Mary Mack

That's a faith that I believe can go places... and if Mary Mack is new to you... she's the second funniest person living in the Twin Cities.  Here was here introduction post in the blog:

Alva- Filled with So Much Grace

Alva is a an Irish, Dublin-based contemporary gospel singer that some how stumbled upon a friend Allison Sattinger's song "So Much Grace"  She's got that big voice that can handle a big orchestra behind her.  I think I should look deeper into her music, any one who the tastes to like an angel's song of grace should be one that gets my attention.

I'll share you time hunting around my site... this is the third time this song has appeared in the blog.

Here's cover by Decadence

Here's Allison's song put to a montage of pictures after she played my House Concert Series called Bluff View Concerts

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The life of a songwriter... a share from Carolyn Arends

Carolyn Arends is a highly successful and talented songwriter in Canada; and while her music fits into the Christian category, I've always thought of her as talented storyteller... who can definitely rhyme her songs... HA... I completely enjoyed this post.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

John Cougar Mellencamp on digital music

I don't really disagree with John... the little performing artist shouldn't be paying huge fees, but if YouTube is not playing ASCAP or BMI fees for the blatant rip off of songs too many of their users posts... it's an absolute shame. I cover songs on YouTube and always give credit, and when our band covers them in concert; we're playing in bars that pay ASCAP and BMI fees. Some one get an hold on the fact that there is stealing going on... YouTube has become many person's radio, and that's just one.. .hell I hear Pandora might not stay around forever because they play by the rules and pay royalties.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shel.. they are getting bigger and biggier

SHEL thinks the favorite line is "They all sing and care deeply for ultimate frisbee." It reinforces and scares me to think again they are getting too BIG to play the Bluff View Concerts in little old Holmen Wisconsin. Though they need to understand that Lady Olivia is the prettiest kitty in the world, we have God's country water as made famous from Old Style, and we have the warmest house concert audience in Western Wisconsin. and I ain't lying.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Song in me... Gabrielle Louise

I'm a sucker for an a cappella song sung by two beautiful women. This video just popped up in my YouTube viewer. I was it's first or second viewer... head over and make this a hugely successful post. Here is her Facebook page : or the duo at

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baptized and Set Free.

The premise behind The Zemmy Show was that it was kind of a modern Johnny Cash show, and you know Johnny loved a good hymn too. Here's also a great blog about the song.


Ghost? Fleeting Love? Boy you have me, but this is a beautiful melody and soulful singing. Hola! Aquí puedes disfrutar el #VideoClip “Mi Razón de Existir“ de Alberto Ross. Shared from the United Global Musicians Google + community... curious, stop here.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sweet Wyoming Home.

Nanci Griffith described Bill Staines as today's Woody Guthrie, has aged a little, but still can play and get the audience to sing... A song of home... Sweet Wyoming Home... pretty nice close up video.

Perseverance by Michele McLaughlin performed by Dustin Schipper

This might be the last summer our 22 year our hanged with us rather than his own rental unit in college. He had recaptured his love of playing the piano, and he played several songs over and over. This song my Michele McLaughlin was a favorite. I convinced him to allow me to record him so that I could share it with his Grandma and others who just don't see him that often. He made one slight flaw and it was all I could do to have him let me not delete it. Girls, he'll be a degreed Artist working his way to an Architect degree; and he's single up in Eau Claire yet. Doesn't know where graduate school will take him. The cool thing about YouTube is that the composer Michele McLaughlin commented from her site. She's a wonderful artist. Dustin has been playing piano off and on since he was four when he studied with Jack Wallace, the most patient piano teacher who is trained the Suzuki method. Thanks to Jack we also have a video of Dustin playing Two Worlds from a Disney movie when he was about 7.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Come on up to the house

So lately I've taken pause to find Sarah Jarosz to fill in voids. She does the ultimate best cover of Ring them Bells, one of my top 25 all time Bob Dylan songs. So when I bought her song Come on up the House, I did not know that it was a Tom Waits song. So I went on to YouTube for this adventure, and I might as well bring you along. First Sarah from when she was on Austin City Limits: Then Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow did a duet with it... This one by The Spring Standards is outstanding and it makes me want to get our little cover band to add it to our set list. Then there is the master song writer... I share a poor quality video of a live recording rather than like the Willie one above. I kind of despise when people steal the song from a music file and post it to YouTube with one picture. (stealing and lazy.)

Introducing Hannah Washington

Here's a great young singer out of Atlanta... watch for her, she'll be going places; There isn't anything thing in this world that an artist deserves more than a little love, so why be stinging with your likes... go to her page and LIKE her

Introducing Olivia Collins

Let me introduce you to a 21-year-old music graduate from Cardiff University. She studied classical singing, but love singing contemporary music as well. She is currently working in retail and trying to find a vaguely music related career; and has a lot to say about music so she's starting a blog: Go ahead follow her, you know you want to. I think she has good tastes, I've seen her Facebook picture include Bob Dylan.. .HA.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm looking forward to hosting Beth Wood and David Stoddard March 15th at the Bluff View Concert series, so why not get a pump from YouTube. When she was her last time, my bandmate compared her favorably to Shawn Colvin. If you are in the area of La Crosse Wisconsin, you should think about coming.

Downton Arby's - great Scott, great spoof

There are so many spoofs of Downton Abbey out there; and this is one of my favorites.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Morning has broken / Baptized in Water Bunessan Hymn

I saw a little spike in views for my instrumental cover of a great hymn, but also a great Cat Stevens song... I guess it was the weekend celebrating Jesus' baptism... Congrats Jesus you started a whole new religion with mega influence down south.. ;-)

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Political harmony... come on now.

As 2012 political year comes to a closure, it would be fitting to see 2013 be marked for political harmony.  Heck if these two characters in Hayes Carll song "Another like you" can get along... why can't we all.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

El Guincho

I've always loved world music; it challenges my sense of rhythm and gets me out of my box.  Well this song and VIDEO is definitely a challenge, and keeps you spell bound to watch.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Zemmy Awards are back!

Well sort of... I took my music newsletter recap from 2012 and turned it into my awards.  I still have my 2011... I'll get that posted some day too.  So hurry quick go over to The Zemmy Awards and read them.

Wine list?

Ha... it's been a while since we've had a sponsor.. how about some of these wines for you next great meal.

Just Give Me One Good Year.

Here's a song that I last year on New Years Day.. Today I found I wrote this blog entry and it was stuck in my drafts. It was in the featured portion of my YouTube's home page. I am a fan of Slaid Cleeves though I probably own enough of his music to just graze the surface. Then I went to find Russell Crowe had recorded it, likely giving Slaid a better year of income. In a way it's a prayer for grace and hope for those who need a pickup. I feel so blessed at times, and thankful for having great family, friends, and place to work & worship. For those who feel otherwise.... here's a prayer that you find Grace.

'One Good Year'

written by Slaid Cleaves and Steve Brooks.
recorded by Slaid Cleaves on the cd 'Broke Down'

It's New Year's Day
Just like the day before
Same old skies of grey
Same empty bottles on the floor
Another year gone by
And I'm thinking once again
How can I take this losing hand
And somehow win

Just give me one good year
To get my feet back on the ground
I've been chasing grace
But grace ain't so easily found
One bad hand can devil a man
Chase him and carry him down
I gotta get out of here
Just give me one good year

I'm burning oil
Engine's running rough
I drive from job to job
But it's never enough
I can't find the will
To just up and get away
Some kind of chains holding me down
To make me stay.

Just give me one good year.....

It's a bitter wind
In your face every day
It's the little sins
That wear your soul away
When you start giving in
Where do the promises all go
Will your darkest hour
Write a blank cheque on your soul

Just give me one good year
To get my feet back on the ground
I've been chasing grace
But grace ain't so easily found
One bad hand can devil a man
A good one can turn him around
I gotta get out of here
Just give me one good year
I gotta get out of here
Just give me one good year

Russell's video :

Slaid's live version:

Now off to buy the song on iTunes, it is on a CD that I own the title cut... Broke Down...--- Happy New Year!

Grace gives mercy

Recently I've working again on a tune I wrote awhile back.  The video is a mix I made.  I have this habit of sometimes having too much time on my hands and layer many other instruments on the first vocal and guitar track... Hope you like it.  Thanks

Grace by Dave Schipper © 2005 Rose Riversongs

She was a zesty mix of latin princess and call girl
A spicy whiplash with long flowing black  hair
Courted by all the boys within a hundred miles
She ropes them all and then frees them with a smile.

She is Grace, (4x)

Her daddy was assumed killed in a gang fight
The street adopted her and raised her right.
Now the all grown up girl stands tall
A ghetto flower in a world of asphalt

The hands of Grace filled with mercy
A gentle place, nothing fancy
To be with her is a blessing
Come unsure,  leave rejoicing

She has a crucifix right next to the tv
She’s known to grab your hand and weep
On the hallway wall is a shrine to her father
Pictures of wasted man but no mother

Days she spends her time at the soup kitchen
Nights she brightens  up the street with passion
She has the cred of the silent and the deadly
She gives more than a hand out, she give mercy

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cute kitty video for our house concert

A great mix of spring time in Wisconsin, a brand new kitty, and live music from a real funky acoustic house concert where people actually come and hang in a room big enough to hold a few musicians and 40 people to watch them.. this video gives you a snip it of a song that David Stoddard shared when he visited the Bluff View House concert series. If you are a Face Booker out there, here's the site... I actually post there more frequently.. more of a wish I would host them kind of posts.

The Zemmy Show is an offshoot of my many wondering minds... but please support live music where ever or when ever you can... thanks

Paul Thorn should be in the folk music circuit, just him and his guitar. Nothing against his great band but this type of music up close and personal, he does as well as the best.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Downton Abbey Theme cover by John Lunn

Just a slight bit fast.. but it instantly has me transported to England around the turn of the century.