Sunday, February 8, 2009

Introducing Nichola Maria O'Donnell

Let me introduce you to a lady who has to be an angel, Nichola Maria O'Donnell. Again, I don't remember how I ran into her in the MySpace world, but I did and soon she was a subscriber to my blog. (Yes after 500 posts in MySpace I can proudly talk about 100+ subscribers) Well she stopped by once in a while, and the few blogs she posted, I made sure I read. Then one night she posted herself singing on a video. Oh I could hear that Irish brogue even in a pop / folk original. I commented, if she ever wanted to add a voice to my Flowers of the Forest, I would love to get her the music file. Time past, and I got a sorry I never got back to you comment, sure send a file. Then I proceeded to forget about it for a couple months... then poof a mp3 arrived in my inbox. It was that song, and the timing of a few snow storms that got me to actually take a plunge into posting my music in iTunes.... ok enough of me.

Nichola has not posted much about her history and background, but she has a sister who looks a lot like her. Here's a rare time she shared something about herself in a blog back in Jan 2008... (I just copied it tonight, it's not like I save everything she writes... HA)

I often get in trouble with my friends back in Ireland for not having pictures of my children with me at any given moment. I joke and say I don't need pictures because I carry them in my heart. Then my friends gag and we all laugh but secretly they all know its the truth. My children are my greatest joy in life. They are wonderful, wise, wickedly funny and so beautiful. I am unabashedly in love with them. I've just been looking at pictures (I do have them) of the 11+ years I have been a Mother and it has lifted my spirit so high. What a wonderful gift my children are. I have learned more from my children than I have ever taught them. They are more patient with me than I have been with them. They love me unconditionally. They still think I'm funny and cool. So Sarah, Elaina and Ronan you are my greatest inspiration and consolation. Thank you for chosing me to be your Mother. I hope I can live up to the role.
(This moment was brought to you courtesy of my old computer which I am trying to download pictures off. I've been at it for months and the stupid piece of s@t will not relinquish my photos... I am having a heated debate with a piece of plastic and a heap of wires... cussing like a sailor and spitting venom I stare at the captured images... and there they are... my babies smiling, laughing, crying, wearing costumes and pajamas, looking at me with their beautiful eyes. I melt into giggles. I will tackle this tomorrow. I will ask the angels of computers and new fangled doohickeys to smile on me.)

And here is my favorite song that she has available on iTunes:


  1. Might be a dumb question...but...why can't you just drag your files or folders to an external drive or memory stick?

    (Hey...what's that you've...HEY! Don't throw that at me!)

  2. I'm confused.... it's a natural state of mind...

  3. Now... I know... You were reading Nichola's blog part... I'm going to fix that by putting it in italics.

  4. Hey Dave, I can't believe I am only now reading this!!! Actually I can considering I was in the midst of moving when you posted it. You are a dear man. Thank you for making me smile once again :-)
    I expect to post more blogs and music this year... lots of new stuff and old. You have inspired me to go back to my roots and record some more traditional Celtic music (with my spin of course).
    Much love,
    Nichola Maria