Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heather Waters

Second in a series of articles to build my excitement up for the upcoming Norah Rendell & Brian Miller March 8th House concert, by going back and reviewing the artists that have graced my fledgling house concert series called Bluff View Concerts.

I found Heather Waters through MySpace again and I fell in love with her music. I did my usual nibbling at her songs in iTunes until I owned the whole cd named a Shadow of You. I am convinced that she is much bigger than she allows or has been marketed. She's put in time in Boston, and in Nashville, and now lives in LA. She travelled over with Rich McCulley; but any guitarist traveling with Heather is really just there to hold the beat. She completely wrapped the audience in her voice. She is also one of the feistiest women I met, opinionated and what a talker. I loved later sharing her first Cheese Curd experience at the Fayze's later in the evening. One member in the audience drove two hours to see Heather... he was completely pleased.

She did end up winning CD of the Year, but because it is not because she was a blast to be with.

Here she is pictured with just a few people you might recognize:

What was really cool was the house concert she was at the night before posted a couple great videos from the concert, this one shows her storytelling skills and is the title cut off of her 1st CD, Shadow of You.

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