Sunday, February 8, 2015

Where I Live - Bill Staines lyrics

Back in the 80's I learned the melody and would murder a few of the verses, so I thought I should take the time to learn the song.  It has always been a favorite; except that our river is 5 miles away, it reminds me a lot of our house.

Where I live there is a river, and it freezes with the cold
All except some open water ‘neath the bridge
And the ducks that gather there, black and red they fill the air
Wingin’ in across the pines along the ridge

And in the early morning sun silver mare breaks on the run
Across the fields and out along the little streams
Movin’ like the winter wind beyond the fence and back again
She loves the time she’s smooth as anything I’ve seen

There’s a field of winter rye that smells sweet when it is high
Whispers to you so you almost cannot hear
Shining like a satin sea beneath the moon when it is spring
It falls beneath the cutters blade, a little year.                    

There’s a tree that stands out back, waiting for the falling axe
To split its rings and show it’s secrets deep inside.
Year’s of drought and little growth, Year’s of good it’s seen them both
And Now it’s there and waiting only for the fire

There’s a truck that’s broken down, that I used to take to town
Until the axel went and I left it there to die, I’ll get it fixed I used to say
That was back before the day, things got busy and I never had the time.

Where I live there is a road, that seen me come and seen me go
Taken me so far I thought I lost my way, Back to where my life is slow
Back to everything I know, back again to where that river slips away.

Where I live there is a road, that seen me come and seen me go
Taken me so far I thought I lost my way, Where I live there is my heart

It won’t be long before I start, back again to where that river slips away  
It won’t be long before I start, back again to where that river slips away

Written by Bill Staines © Mineral River Records 1982

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Love's been good to me - lyrics and chords

When I went to look for the chords and the lyrics of this song, first they put in more than you need and second most put in a verse about a Denver girl and leave out the Houston verse.  Frankly I've never heard Rod sing the Denver version, so here are the words and chords in the video above:

A                    Bm   E                        A
I have been a rover I have walked alone
                               Bm         E                   A       F#m
Hiked a hundred highways never found a home
                          C#m  D                         Dm
Still in all I'm happy the reason is you see
A                Bm       D         Dm   A                E         A
Once in a while along the way love's been good to me

                     Bm        E           Bm           E          A   F#m
There was a girl in Portland before the winter chill
                                 C#m    D                     E
We used to go out courtin' along October Hill
                   A                      F#m            D                    Dm
She could laugh away the dark clouds cry away the snow
A                 Bm   D      Dm   A          E       A
Seems like only yesterday down the road I go


                     Bm        E          Bm                    E          A   F#m
There was a girl in Houston out where the hot winds blow
                           C#m    D                     E
Why I had to leave her God Almighty knows
                   A                      F#m       D                    Dm
She could take the long hot summer cool it with a sigh
A                     Bm      D      Dm                A          E             A
Words have no more wisdom when it's time to say goodbye

written by Rod McKuen release on a Frank Sinatra LP "A Man Alone" (c) 1969 Almo Music

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So what is alone..

Truly in a crowd of people I can be so alone and so content

Maybe it was the fact that Rod taught me to talk to myself

Today I'm with Suzanne as she takes me down to the river

I'm in a calm space while the worlds stresses out.

I do want to travel with the sun through seasons

And in the silence I want to reach out with my mind and

Embrace the body of a lover who will escape at dawn.

Then the streetlights will be dimming with the sunrise

And I'll walk along side the river by myself, alone and yet not.

Dave Schipper (c) 2015 Rose Riversongs