Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dustin Bentall and mermaid Kendel Carson

If you follow my blog, you know that I have loved anything Kendel Carson touches... She's playing with Dustin Bentall and the Smokes, and I love how they describe her on their website:

Kendel Carson, a rock & roll fiddle player, first played with Dustin in the Grand Cariboo Opry – an ensemble-style live concert organized by Barney Bentall. Having been a part of Victoria’s notorious Outlaw Social with Adam, performed for years with Chip Taylor (“Wild Thing”), played with Elvis Costello, Feist & Ron Sexsmith at the Gemini Awards and now has her own band Belle Starr, the addition of Kendel was natural and her inimitable style mapped out a new sonic landscape for the band.

Of course he said nothing about her swimming skills, and the lucky dog gets to kiss her at the end of the video.

Brooks Williams in the close out bin?

Not a shopper traditionally for Black Friday or any day... I'm the hunter type... go on kill it and leave with my prey.  There is one shop I've shopped for ages; way before Amazon and iTunes could fill my needs for music.  Fritz Shuler would have CDs at the Golden Ring Folklore center, Manitowoc WI that would blow your mind.  I'd spend an hour and leave with 5 cds, especially when I moved away from town and it took 4 hours to get there.  Well CDs are dinosaurs for small shops especially and he's in his last phase of liquidating.  I've missed it until now but boy did I get some gems.  Pat Alger, Lui Collins, Dar Williams, Rory Block, Eric and Suzy Thompsen, Jym Mooney, Charlie Sexton, Ed Trickett, The Bobs, and BROOKS Williams, almost all circa late 90's early 2000's.  Many of these artists I had some of their music before but now 10 cds for $30 was too good to pass up.  I had listened to Brook for a while, and if you never have, please do:

I love the story opening for this Statesboro Blues cover has a tie in to my favorite rock band The Allman Bros. (his home town...)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gonna go Downtown...

Mark the date and the new place. The 39th annual Great River Folk Fest is moving downtown to the Riverside Park. Yes the same great acoustic, Americana, folk music, Arts & Crafts, and Kid's Area; and we're promising a few more surprises. See you August 22nd - 24th, 2014!

"Downtown" is copyrighted and courtesy of Greg Brown a three time performer at the fest!

If you don't know who Greg is, he has played our fest about three times and gave us permission to use the song... nice guy.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mark Lavengood - Dobro

Mark Lavengood dobro player with Lindsay Lou and Flatbellys is making a new cd, pick on Mark, pick on..

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beth Wood - Miles Davis CD

This is a great story from a great singer... Beth Wood stopped in LaCrosse and Dae Miles taped most of her concert.

Here's a few Bad Girl , Doing this Dance, this great a capella song My Joy.

and this great cover of At Last...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

SHEL in the USA Today...

I still need find a weekend edition to see if this made it into print, but there they are right there with all the odd cultural stuff you won't find in this blog.  Either that means I'm going mainstream, or occasionally mainstream wises up.  SHEL in my blog was introduced back in September 2012 right after their self title CD was released.

Of course they were right about the video is four sisters singing a siren song, and these ladies could lure any wayward ship their way... but when you meet them you'll find the classiest friendliest band you'll find to work with.  They banter like "Sisters" on stage, and leave the audience wow'd and well as with smiles.  You can read the short article, but who cares, they made it to USA today ONCE, this is their 14th time in my blog.  Watch the video here, why don't you?  (What the USA Today didn't say loud enough was that Sarah was the video editor on this masterpiece too as well as the violinist siren)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Short Love Story.

I couldn't write anything more beautiful than this, but if you would like to read my most popular love piece, it would be this one a mere 3000+ views while this video had 5,000,000+

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bible on the dash

Pretty sure I have to learn this acoustic version.

Denise you are my inspiration too.

Guess who is in love with Denise, beside John Moray... yep me, but come on any warm blooded male who is charmed by the female orientation should be.  They appropriately named the character, Denise LOVETT.  The Paradise has captured me differently from Downton Abbey, it's more of a novel about a small city of people and based on a retail store.  I love it and have become hooked on watching all the episodes on YouTube before PBS shows them; if you missed the show start with Episode ONE

If clicking on the video photo doesn't work, here a link what is this with all the prohibiting embedding?

And here's another I couldn't embed but this I love the video on CORSETS to hear Denise (Joanna Vanderham) talk about her little watch is cool and gives you a feel for the details that go into a show like this.  Just to hear her talk actually, I love to listen.

Again if the picture link doesn't work, here's the link

Of course many of my blog readers know I like to find time to write, truly Denise did end up being my inspiration:

You are my inspiration
A muse,
Unbounded exhilaration.

Your smile
Demure yet accented by
Those eyes
A window to bold intrigue

I pause
Though you are three steps ahead
With plans
Fabric in Venetian red

You reach
For my hand and say quickly
What if,
But I’m lost completely

You are my inspiration,
Though near
I fight for inhalation.

For Denise Lovett on The Paradise
By Dave Schipper  © Rose Riversongs 2013 

Also posted in my Musings blog.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lady Mary's Eyes

I finished making a better recording of this is a Janis Ian song originally written for Mary Black, but I rephrased a mere few words for Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey.  This time added some great shots of Lady Mary from google, I claim no ownership to the photos.   The song could be covered under the parody laws, but I truly claim no copyright to Janis's beautiful song. I do request that you search our Janis's song, or a cover by Gaelic Storm; and you too will be reminded that Lady Mary's Eyes accent her style with a warm auburn hue. The lyrics:

Mary's eyes are auburn hue
And her hair's Newcastle gold
And she walks the thin white line between the body and the soul.
She's as faithful to her history
As a servant to his task;
For she's standing on the bones of England's past.

She's singing of the graces
And the balance of the grand,
'Til I can almost feel my senses slipping through my trembling hand.
And I wonder as I hear her,
That the spirit still shines through
And she can reach across the ocean deep and break my heart in two...

Mary's wise and she is foolish;
She's as constant as the tide.
For it's a woman's heart that beats beneath that stubborn girl's pride.
We are saints and we are sinners,
We are heros we are theives. We are all of us servants on the road to the abbey.


So let us cheer of glass of wine
To the East where Downton lies,
And we will stare across the waters
For a glimpse of Mary's eyes.
We are ships without a harbor,
We are sailors on dry land,
And the show goes on forever
Even though the Crawley's can't.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dylan Parodies

I have become the Dylan Parodies writer for the EDLIS Cafe after I wrote this blog entry, and I have had many suggestions many of which I would call comedies rather than parodies, so started another collection called Dylan Comedies.  Here's the blog collection with new additions added to the bottom:

Since I wrote one I thought I should start a collection of them to make it easier to find, but I'm left disappointed in my first hour of investigating.  I believe a parody perfected by Weird Al, only he had the best one.

Tim Heidecker, of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame, has “leaked” Bob Dylan’s Super Bowl halftime song (the folk legend isn’t really performing this year, but let’s play along), and it’s just as strange and hilarious as you would imagine.

Some think a parody is just singing like Bob...

Here's a Joan Baez doing it

Or John Lennon... not sure if the words are his or not :

"Did you know that American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is actually repsonsible for every hit song of the past 35 years?"... so this next one is funny but again to me it's not a true a parody.

Here's mine and a link to the lyrics... 

The National Lampoon did some great work and many of the songs are in Grooveshark that you can listen to at!/search?q=dylan+parodies  The one I enjoyed the most is the Polka Dot Undies

Then Loudon Wainwright III uses his talking style that he borrowed from Woody to do this song about his story about the new Bob Dylans...

Dylan Comedies

With my connection to EDLIS Cafe as the guy who collects Dylan Parodies, many of the suggestions were more comedies.  So I thought it was best to put them into a collection too.

Did you know that Dylan turned the Rutles on to Tea?

He was a late night pitch man for a CD?

Of course Saturday Night Live's skit is wonderful and shows Woody gives Bob all of his songs: