Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have a little faith in me

I almost reposted this video tonight and note I posted it 5 months ago... so John Haitt is playing up at the Big Top and boy I'm tempted though I'm normally real busy during this time... we'll see, but until then.. listen to Allison cover his song:

the original post:

It's been a while since Allison posted any new video... is this weird... but wasn't there a show about watching Ed alll day... ok I just want her to sit down once a day, sing a song and post it... ok I suppose that's what happens in heaven... until then, I'll take a few glimpse of heaven.

JD Souther... hmm not the greatest interview

but pretty intriguing... He is survivor and I'm sure glad he's back kicking doors everywhere... great songwriter.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Introducing Sugar Beats

Ah yes... Rachel Pearl has me wrapped around her finger... just flash that Mona Lisa smile and that dimple, and I'll ask what would you like me to do?... Like your new group... three attractive quality singers, great harmonies?.. a jazz coming of the Wailin Jenny's... I'm there.

"Rachel Pearl, Rebecca Sayre, and Kristin Porter are three independent artists. Put them together and sure is sweet."

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yvonne Strahovski's Paper Commerical

Looks like this was shot before her days of Chuck... spunky with a ream of paper now she uses guns and knives in the show I never ever miss... "Chuck"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DeCadence "So Much Grace"

If I ever wake up to hear a song of mine be sung 9 women, I'm sure I'll start sobbing... when I found it and sent it to Allison, she just responded "DAVE OMG"... it couldn't have happened to a better person. Here's the video description:

DeCadence performing "So Much Grace," by Allison Sattinger, at the 16th Annual A Cappella Against AIDS Benefit Concert at UC Berkeley on February 26, 2010. Sorry about the break in the video near the end, but everyone thought the song was over when it was just a pause and I stopped the camera.

Proceeds went to the AIDS Project East Bay

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Curious Things Given Wings by The Outside Track

I was drawn back to The Outside Track by my familiarity with Norah Rendell's singing; and while I considered taking just the vocal tracks, I am so ecstatic about having the entire CD to listen over and over again. The instrumentals with their texture from the harp, the beautiful melodies, the precision of excellent box, flute, and fiddle, and of course the intensity. Their cut "Le Voyage" instantly brought to my mind a comparison to what Rodrigo Y Gabriela brings to their music.

Then there is that little thing of Norah's singing. Wow, Farewell Song accompanied me along a walk with the sun setting on my shoulder, and Norah's beautiful ballad in my ears. Silvy Silvy is tastefully accompanied, and I could listen to the story of Caroline over and over with Norah's vocals as superb as her flute playing.

Here's the details I found at

The Outside Track - Curious Things Given Wings: The second CD from The Outside Track is a mix of traditional Scottish, Irish, Canadian and original songs and tunes, and features Norah Rendell (Canadian Traditional Singer of the Year nominee), Mairi Rankin (Rankin family, Beolach), Ailie Robertson (Live Ireland Winner, BBC Young Trad Finalist), Fiona Black (BBC Fame Academy Winner), and Cillian O'Dalaigh (Trazz), and was produced by Mattie Foulds at Heriot Toun studio. A talented line-up delivering a synthesis of virtuosity and energy,

Norah Rendell: song, flute, whistle
Mairi Rankin: fiddle, song
Ailie Robertson: Scottish harp
Fiona Black: piano accordion and fiddle
Cillian O'Dalaigh: guitar, flute

... modern acoustic folk music of the very highest order...Maverick Magazine

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daily song : Heroes : The Story tellers

Ok I so apologize for taking too many days off. I had a few personal things going on in my life that was sucking the joy in my life. It's mostly behind so let's start catching up. I promise for Lent there will be at least 40 of these types of posts. Tonight storytellers. I don't think there was any better than Harry Chapin and this 9 minute song pulled me thru my acne laden teen years.... Not always a thought of as happy end, but you aren't going anywhere so why don't you listen to it...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daily song : Heroes : The Forgivers

I'm sorry tonight I need this for myself and the people who believe they are above the human truth. May we all see the Grace of God.

Daily song : Heroes : The Healers

Healers? Let's get past the mystical or even the heavenly documented healers. Come on... don't we know so many Doctor, Nurse, or just Health care Provider that has not only gone beyond our expectation but beyond the expected care of their employer. Employer... isn't that an interesting issue during this Health care debate.... but let me bring you back to healing scars of wounds made by lies... wounds made by the easiest form.. self pride. God knows that you are good, but he/she scoffs that you are right. If you truly claim you are... well get in line.. He's got I think Peter to judge those lies because he can relate.

Until then ... relate to this..

Daily song : Heroes : Cowboys

Isn't it obvious that a Hero of mine would have been Willie Nelson, and of his soul of a cowboy...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daily song : Heroes : Train people

I grew up blocks away from a train track. In my childhood, I was immersed in Johnny Cash. Then came my formative music life, you know when you know it all.... late teens early twenties... then it was Prine, Goodman, and Croce. Trains are in my gypsy blood, and I think even the bums are heroes. Here's a great video of Todd Snider done by who else...

There... I think I caught up now... sorry I lost a day or so along the way.

Introducing Holly Kirby

I really don't know how I ended up with Holly in my many YouTube subscriptions. All I can tell you is that for the last 30 minutes I have been immersed in such beauty.... Singing of course, but what a charmer and talent when it comes to putting a video together. I highly recommend you subscribe to one of these things... her YouTube Channel, her blog, her website, or her MySpace site. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Enya and surreal pop music, but I found alot more depth in Holly's music.

This is an absolutely great cover of Joni's Carey

Carrickfergus... another favorite.

An original from Holly... a strong pop song with a great video editing.

Poetry ... isn't this unique?

Daily song : Heroes : Grandmothers II

Well thanks to Ninure for a reminder that there is another great song about Grandmothers, I thought I better followup the hero post with one more for the Grandma's.... first the great song from Greg Brown Canned... "Taste a little of the Summer, Grandma put it all in Jars..."

Then the song Ninure reminded me of... I knew it covered by Claudia Schmidt, so I didn't realize that Bill Withers wrote the excellent song, "Grandma Hands."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daily song : Heroes : Grandmother

In this new weekly thread, I take on Heroes. I'm curious how this will end up since I haven't done a mix on this theme before. It started out an idea based on seeing a rare video posted of who I would consider a hero song writer, Pierce Pettis. And it was on his song, Grandmother's Song. I am lucky enough to have this record because during a visit to Florida I found his vinyl LP at a used record shop. Isn't that enough synergy of coincidences to make me share this 1984 video... hey I think I owned a pair of those suspenders too. HA...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daily song : The blessing love and music

Ok anyone who read the last blog knows I'm a little conflicted over picking a Love song for the Blessings sequence, so what is more a blessing than finding new music. This iMix got me to listen to songs I had heard for awhile, old Elvis pieces, friends I've even hugged, but how about the blessing of hearing someone talk about their love had given them Mix tapes... a women of my heart who could enjoy that. I dug in deeper to find a song I got off of a eFolk cd I think back in 2007... now let me introduce you to Christabel and the Jons. Their song "it's love" off of "Love and Circumstances" kept getting repeated. It was too interesting not to listen to, so here is a taste of them:

and at the beginning of this video they are starting the piece with the song I was stuck on... Yes the first lines are "Biscuits and gravey.."

Daily song : The blessing and curse of love

I suppose any dedicated reader of the blog thought I forgot to post yesterday?... well I wanted to days for love because it's the greatest... this is what I did... Searched all of my current iTunes 4369 songs or 11 days... and made the following mix. I've listened to it intently once and will do it again. I do recommend you do the same. Yes this is supposed to be a celebration of love, but it's has such power that when love breaks it really is one of the most deep pains we can feel. My mix:

There goes another love song, Collin Raye
Met My Love , Amy Speace
I Choose Love, Bettina Makley
The Love of Your Life, Allison Sattinger
This Is the Love, Allison Sattinger
My Sweet Love, George Harrison
Be Here To Love Me, Norah Jones
Love Storm, Brent Lillie
heard it in a love song, Rose River
Love Extravagantly, Rachel Pearl
To Make you feel my love, Katie Johnson
Love Is Free , Sheryl Crow
I Love To Watch A Woman Dance, The Eagles
Love & Nothing Else, MJ Bishop
Making Up Lost Love, Chris Elliott
When You Love Someone, Leela and Ellie Grace
Jesus Is The Only One That Loves Us, Billy Joe Shaver & John Anderson
tell me that you love me, Eric Clapton
Love Gone Right , Chris Elliott
Love Is A Rose , Linda Ronstadt
Reasons To Love , Sarah Siskind
Love And Happiness, Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Give yourself to love , Kathy Mattea
Lotta Love to Give , Daniel Lanois
That Kind of Love , Pierce Pettis
Make Love Stay, Dan Fogelberg
Jesus Loves Me, David Schipper
Paint Me in Love, Dave Zeman
Hard Love, Dean Miller
Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley
Girl In Love, Dave Boutette
Don't Give Up On Love, Brother Joscephus
ain't no cure for love, Jennifer Warnes
Fill My Way With Love, Iris Dement
love of my life, Allison Sattinger
bozos in love again, Greg Brown
Who Can Love Who (And How)?, Paul Cebar
Anchored In Love , The Freight Hoppers
Goodnight My Love, The Beggars
Say you love me , Rose River
Stop in the name of Love, Jonell Mosser
It's Love , Christabel And The Jons
Love is not enough, Peter Mulvey
Love, The Magician, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Wanna Be Loved, David Francey
Never Fall In Love, Dan Bern
Leaving Side of Love, Tori Sparks
Love Won't Go Away, Dave Boutette
Tonight's All Right For Love, Elvis Presley
Love Match, Buddy Miller
A Sunday Kind of Love, Etta James
God Loves a Drunk , Richard Thompson
Love Is All There Is, Sheryl Crow
Take time to love, Kris & Rita
you need a love, Pierce Pettis