Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lucy rocks...

Call this song great, a perfect trifecta... Lucy Kaplansky is a great writer, but many times it's her voice that I'm lured back to on great covers.  This one is written by Woody Guthrie, Slaid Cleeves put the melody to it, and Buddy Miller adds the harmony.  Add to it a great video by Lucy's husband, and you have a 3 minute gem to listen to.    Saw her last night at The Pump House, and I highly recommend you go to iTunes and feast upon a few songs.  Your soul will be happy to get fed.  BTW... go like her at

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aoife O'Donovan on Noisetrade!

Aoife is one of my favorite singers... I love the subtle huskiness in her voice, and how she can reshape a good blues song.  She has been the lead for Crooked Still that toured together for about ten years.  Now she has a solo CD coming out.  She's been on this blog before with Sometymes Why too.

Go on and get her five track EP from Noisetrade and then go over and then go over and like her FB page you know that I have.

Monday, April 15, 2013

SHEL in Dublin

They look like they are having a great time on their European trip.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Take the Road from my Spine.....

It's pretty much a crappy spring day, and I ain't going to turn on golf... it felt more like the Packers should be on TV when I see snow flying on April 14th.  So I grabbed the book of unfinished songs and finished one.

So here's an original song I started back in 2006.  It's a little dark tale, not sure if the writer is responsible for the death in the third verse, but he enjoyed it.  I consider this my first official murder ballad in a typical Dylan style of never really knowing.

Take the Road

I’m driving two ways at the same time
I’m walking the thin sanity line
With power poles providing measures
My heart pounds from the rhythmic pleasures

I see the horizon over the dashboard
But it’s your love is on a distant shore
I see your face reflected in each sign
But it’s your place I just can’t find

Take the road from my spine
The speed I’m goin’ is a crime
My heart bleeds from the wound

I’m alone with this dark tune

Take the road from my spine

Your twisted barb’s entwined

Take the road, Take the road from my spine

The night green eyes, the whine of the cycle
Fill the air with damp words of trifle
Would you care for a return
A shift in the plans from lessons learned

The black mane of your hair swings wide
Erasing any love you had inside.
Crumpled and tossed out your window at night
Frozen in silence of the oncoming light  (Chorus)

The lights flash red & blue
My heart beats to the tune
In the distance the puddles of the night
Shine red with blood in sight

The lies you lived are distant to me
Now gone for no one to see
I pass slowly in the left
Tonight you lost your last bet. (Chorus)

By Dave Schipper © 2013 Rose Riversongs

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Introducing Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line

This won't be the last time  Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line will grace the Zemmy Show blog... she's got that natural home spun voice that I keep coming back to in all of my favorites.

Mormonism vs. Pirates

This woman is darn cute.. and wrote a pretty funny premise song... I need to learn more about her

Introducing ..Michaela Terrien McLain

Willy Porter - Great River Folk Fest

We're ecstatic to have Willy Porter closing our Saturday night concert at the 2013 Great River Folk Fest; and playing song swaps on Saturday and Sunday during the day. If you have friend who has never experienced what it's like to watch song swaps; please pass the word... they at many times have been the best memories from the fest. AND This year we will be staggering the times so you don't have to choose between swaps... we're limiting as much overlap in the schedule as possible!

Stop over our Great River Folk Fest Facebook fan page, even if you are from out of town... we're a long running fest, and you might find yourself in La Crosse some day.. Plus our friends are your friends.

I've met so many great artists at the fest, and hosted a few at house concerts including David Stoddard, Becky Schlegel, and next up Carrie Elkin.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Introducing John Michael Rouchell

Not exactly sure how I got on John Michael's email list, but I did and ended up with song free, and I'm initially impressed.  His website has this song as a free download

Say hi to him at his FB page.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daddy has a new guitar!

Yes after about 20 years I've decided to buy a new guitar; and it was a hard decision.  I love my current guitar which was a factory reject Tacoma style Washburn made in the US.  Never sure what style it was but the color and the bridge matches this guitar; so I'm guessing it was a D43.  It has such a good volume of sound.

So I went to Dave's Guitar Shop with a budget in mind not to exceed $2500, but not to discard anything cheaper.  So started on the Gibsons, and I really thought it was weird where they put their sound controls inside the guitar.  I love the Robert Johnson edition for finger picking, but the classic Rock stuff with Rose River felt strange.  Their Songwriter series was nice, I thought that was a possibility.  Then a quick stop by the Collings Guitars... all wonderful, but $4000 was just too much.  Over to Taylors, and I'm never been a huge fan.  Kept trying different styles then one just was a "ohh"... the feel of the bass resonating my inside.  The 716ce was it, but I didn't stop.  I went to Martins, then back to the 716ce.  Finally I asked for help, if I like this one, why and what else would they compare it to.  The 7 indicated the level of expense of the wood, and 16 was their 2nd biggest body style.  Tried a few more he suggested and then back to the 716ce... I did love the Americana retro sunburst too.

And here's what it sounds like finger picking:

And strumming:

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kathy's Song cover by Sarah Jarosz

Oh my this is great cover.  Sarah has a such a pure real voice, and very classic finger picking.

I can't embed it... you'll need to click into the article.

The sea and the Shore

Amy Speace is one of the artists I've blogged about the most... she has a new CD out and here's a video from it, and a nice article.

Twang Nation article.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Driftless Radio

Guess who just became a member.... hey I'm out of their range normally, but the internet fixes that...

The Only Community Radio in the Wisconsin Driftless

Driftless Community Radio, Inc. (DCR), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was incorporated in 2003 in response to public demand for a radio station that would meet the unique needs of Wisconsin's driftless region.
WDRT 91.9FM  (Driftless Community Radio) is the Driftless region's only noncommercial, independent radio station. In a time when fewer media moguls own the vast majority of information sources, WDRT is bucking the trend. We’re putting radio in the hands of the public. We welcome everyone in the community to participate. We aren’t beholden to advertisers, and we have time to go beyond sound bites.
WDRT is:
  • Non-commercial
  • Listener-supported and programmed
  • Volunteer-run
Our operations depend on grants, donations, underwriting, and community power.
Our schedule features local news and events reported by local on-air hosts. We also broadcast music and cultural programming unavailable elsewhere on the dial. Check out our current programming schedule.
Our antenna serves almost all of Vernon county, as well as parts of adjacent counties, and we also stream our programing live online. Find us on the dial at 91.9FM in southwest Wisconsin. Or listen to us live right now on the web.
WDRT 91.9FM – Community Radio . . . From The Ground Up!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The music is you...

I follow a post of Justin Beiber thinking about a Dylan Cover CD, with a tribute CD for John Denver... "Well FAAAAARRR out!  I had to just do it... and I'm not sure it's completely worth it across the board, but I'm glad I did it.  Highlights to me are Brett Dennen's Annie Song, Josh Ritter's Darcy Farrow, Evan Dando's Looking for Space, Amos Lee's Some days are like Diamonds, and Lucinda William's This old guitar... Prisoners by J. Mascais is already unchecked never to be listened to again.

Here's a whole list

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beiber / Dylan?

This is a very odd thing I read this morning, but I'll withhold judgement until I hear the covers.  The boy probably has a good voice... good voice and Dylan... hmm..