Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Wolf Den: Friends And Old Memories

From Contributing Editor Clay Riness
Editor In Chief, The Weary Wolf Journal

For those of you who missed it, here's Murph's performance on the Letterman Show in May of '07. He's a resident of the Coulee Region now, and has been for some time...and I'm happy that he's my neighbor. Letterman holds up his CD Heartland Cowboy in the introduction, which I am proud to have been part of. Murph and I share a co-write on that collection.

This song was a powerful influence on me as a kid, as was the entire album. Go figure. What goes around comes around. Or, as I like to pontificate...The Wheel Comes Around.

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  1. Yep some of the first chords I learned up the neck of the guitar was on Wildfire from a friend name Kent Aubry. Now the connections just cascade. Kent found me on MySpace only 2 months ago after about 20 years since I watched him play in a bar near Manitowoc.

    Now back to Murph, that old Cosmic Cowboy... boy do I have old vinyl of his... but his cowboy stuff has been great. Dustin at the age of seven had likely listened to that one CD hundreds of time. He probably wouldn't recognize Marty Robbins's songs, the MMM songs are ingrained in his memory.

    Now Clay... the offer is always out there... you and Murph and an intimate house concert for 40 people in Holmen WI... tempting, eh?