Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wolf Den: LBD Preview - "Way Of The World"

From Contributing Editor Clay Riness
Editor In Chief, The Weary Wolf Journal

Here's a second installment of our Little Black Dress preview. My description? Greg Brown meets old-time music. Don't ask.

Listen to Way Of The World:

The Way Of The World
Clay Riness, Brett Huus, Terry Nirva

(Note: Drop D tuning: DADGBE)

There’s a place in the world for a woman and a man
and you can’t wait around for a miracle to happen.
A man’s got a fire that will burn him up inside
and a woman’s got a fire that can take him for a ride.

So a man tips his hat and he gives a little smile
and a woman smiles back and they visit for awhile.
Then the woman sends a message that she maybe wants more
and the man takes the cue and he shows her to the door.

A little bit of sugar couldn’t do him any harm
so he turns to the woman and he wraps her in his arms
And the woman plays along ‘cause the game is what it is
and they both melt away in a passionate kiss.

Tell me what can you say when it happens all the time?
It’s the way of the world when two people are inclined.
When a man and a woman play a dangerous game
it can open up a door to a lifetime of blame.

© Copyright 2009 Clay M. Riness, Brett Huus, Terry Nirva

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