Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Carolyn Arends

Being a Christian, I do end up listening to classic gospel, modern and classic hymn for church service, and once in awhile modern Christian music. Most of the modern stuff I find as drivel, like love songs for God. Carolyn Arends breaks the mold. She a Canadian musician who writes songs about life, blends in folk settings to her songs. She is absolutely wonderful. So in true fitting to the Johnny Cash Show, I will sometimes broadcast my faith too. Enjoy Carolyn's "Seize the Day"... a good goal since I am burdened with a cold today.


  1. Seize the Day is one of my all-time favorites, and hey she's Canadian just like my husband ~ what's not to like? :)

  2. I hope to run into her someday... I almost had her play at our church, but couldn't afford to pull the trigger on the guarantee. Someday... she is what Christian contemporary music should sound like more often.

    I think being from Wisconsin counts as Canadian... HA...