Friday, February 6, 2009

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Just in time for Valentine's day...

I found this site while looking for a picture to go with the poem I was posting in the Dave's Musings site. I think it's a great company. Now if you don't buy the T, then copy my poem and sign your name to it. Maybe go to the Dollar store and get and nice cheap frame. I don't care about getting credit... I'd rather be spreading love than getting kudos. Be Creative and Be a Verb... don't just go down the street and buy something from a big box store.

Love is a simple verb.
A transparent dart, straight thru the heart.
Love is a silent word.
Whispered thru eyes, shouted thru sighs.
Love needs to be stirred.
Blending the ivory cream, thick with dreams.
Love haunts afterward.
But as an angel ghost, sent by a heavenly host.
Love catches the unaware.
Until you’re suddenly aware, and gotcha is dared.

Dave © 2006 Rose Riversongs

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