Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yonkers NY, Chip & Kendel

So after reading Wildy's review of Chip Taylor's Yonkers NY it was on my mental list to go to iTunes and check for Charcoal Sky. So wouldn't you guess the best internet video place MusicFog.com would post it in a video with that hard to look at fantastic fiddle player named Kendel Carson. So I'm off to iTunes now with TWO songs in my head...

ahlivv girls

I know the excited designer with the new upstart company ahlivv.com and she is so excited I had to share it and make them one of my SPONSOR. Keep it up Ang.

ahlivv Poolside Party from ahlivv on Vimeo.

I want to introduce an incredible company I am very excited to be apart of called ahlivv. I'll take just a minute to share it with all of you and hope you can help me spread the word. It's an up and coming boardsport company (snowboard, skate, surf). We carry only women's clothing, gear and apparel. Remember if you, those you may be purchasing for, or spreading the word to, etc. don't actually participate in any of these sports that plenty ok, I guaruntee you will still find something you love.We use the term boardsport as a way of life. It's not only a sport, but a style and a trend. The concept is amazing and something I want to promote and be proud of. Inspired by the two sides: the ahlivv lifestyle and a girl with the old-fashioned name Olive. The ahlivv name (pronounced ah'live or ol'ive) is one part shopping (the ah... shopping experience) and one part life (the livv...community); add progressive fashion and roots in action (sports, that is) and the result is one heck of a shop with the best brands and products available for that ah - livv lifestyle.

First, a disclaimer to address, the subtle ahlivv girl difference. In fact, ahlivv girls are women. The ahlivv girl is really not a "girl" at all. However, we use the term "girl" liberally to reflect the ahlivv girl's youthful enthusiasm no matter her age. Whether 20, 30 or somewhere over 40, the ahlivv girl lives life to the fullest and doesn't let a little number get in the way of her passion for fashion and love of sports.

The ahlivv girl is unique. She is a trendsetter. She loves fashion and trends. She is sophisticated, but bold. She is an adventurer. She loves snow. She loves surf. She loves concrete. She loves shopping (let's just face it, all girls do). And she is real.

I know Ang well enough to know that she is a genuine angel. I wish her venture tremendous success.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top music from 2009 by Wildy's World

I'm starting to catch up and relax on vacation, and I'm getting back into a music groove thanks to catching up with Wildy's World's CD Top 50.... incredible, he has reviewed 972 recordings this year... Enjoy youself a little reading.


By the time you are reading it he might have all listed, when I'm writing this he's up to number five... boy I've missed Lyle Lovett's release, David Francey's, and boy I've got to learn about Ben Folds.

Here's his home page but his site is listed in my side bar...


Now don't forget that my Zemmy Awards don't come out until February... and I never care about arbitary release dates. Enjoy my last 3 years worth of awards because good music never goes bad.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Samantha Farrell - Christmas Time Is Here

A video for Samantha Farrell's cover of the Charlie Brown classic "Christmas Time Is Here" acoustic guitar arrangement by Chris Muir directed by Christopher DeSanty North Adams, MA / December 2009 ....

Merry Christmas...


Friday, December 18, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Send for me...

I had a great night listening to incredible taped live music on Music Fog. This one touched me as new but old....

of course the intimacy of their recording and James McMurtry's lyrics and vocal interpretations... (a 12 string no less)

This is only a taste.... great music tastes from a person with great connections and great equipment...

The waiting is over

Oh... yes it is the season of advent, but it snowed that one day and I was felt compelled to work at home in front of the fireplace, so now.....
....it's official!! http://stores.ebay.com/American-Sports-Company Welcome to American Sports Co.; the home of some great deals on Sport memorabilia items and MORE like fabric, retail racking, sporting goods. Stop back any time to browse what might show up.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jeremy was Across the Room

Now here is a another feel of why Allison Sattinger's house concert was incredible back in May ... until next time... thanks to Jeremy for taping this Redlands concert.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cheers to Creamy Dark and a Snow Day!

Yes Leinie's Creamy Dark is a perfect way to recover from shoveling... yum. Today being snowed in I did established our company's ebay store.... pretty cool stuff. http://stores.ebay.com/American-Sports-Company. I have to finish moving all the auctions and listings to the right categories... but it will happen. Unless I drink too much Leinie's

Hey I haven't had a new sponsor for a while... why not Leinie's and ASCO... yeah. and what's a good winter brew without ice fishing!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interpretation... Male / Female Voice

Ok... so by now you all know that Allison Sattinger is a regular in this blog, and a multi Zemmy Winner. Her Across the Room song was a winner in the inaugrual year for most sultry song. If you never have heard it... run out and buy it on iTunes... or at least give a listen.

Now she didn't ask me, but one morning I had this itch to change the perspective, because as my wife will tell you... I'm an Eye man. So I tweaked the words to what I think a guy might say without really changing the meaning too much.

Across the Room written by Allison Sattinger (switched to the Male voice)

I see you lookin, I’m lookin too.
Your eyes are the kind of warmth I could get used to
Like brown earth when the sun sets,
I wonder how you’ld look in my bed.

Some people say cotton feels best; Some people say silk or satin
Makes you think of a woman Makes a body feel blessed.
It’s like the sun in June after winter
I’ve never felt anything quite like ……a feel of a
Woman’s eyes…… from across the room.

This is dangerous territory for me
I swore off love, ’cause makes hard to breathe
But you got that long neck and you got those hands
I’m thinking things about you and I’ve started to plan.

So come on in my lovin arms
I think you could so use to it, You know that we could do
Make it right baby We won’t stop baby
It’ll be heaven I swear Answer to your prayers…Hallelujah..

now you heard the good at the beginning... here's the ugly, but I do like it enough to post it and hope someone like Amos Lee decides to really cover and record it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'll be your baby

Bob Dylan can masterfully write some of the simplest of songs; and they hold up for ages. This one was released on John Wesley Harding LP.