Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lady Mary Crawley... I love you.

Ready for a little poetry slam with Downton? Oh Lady Mary... I do wish to be transported to your time... hell I'd even work downstairs to get a glimpse of you.

I know Mary is not for real.
Her perfection perfected in an hour
In costumes selected with zeal
And details down to the flowers.

I cannot live in Mary’s fa├žade
But I breathe in and enjoy it;
Reach out to take her hand
Walk to the garden and sit.

Oh Mary to live in your dream
Would make mortal men melt
I can only wish and scheme
Then wonder how it all felt.
 (c) Dave Schipper

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Introducing Jessica Smucker

"I like to be like the edges of the seas and throw your sweet and broken body into me..."... wow great lines.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My love for Lady Mary Crawley continues

As I sit in February, NFL over... my all-time favorite TV show Chuck is over.. Thank God for Downton Abbey Season Two... and my love for Lady Mary... played by the beautiful Michelle Dockery

Lonely the flower the blooms first in spring
Lonely the lady with no wedding ring
Stately she stands in gown so devine
Gently she weeps for him night after night

Mary’s a vision and he loves her dear
Pride and misfortunate has kept him from her
Fills with delight as he sees her each time
When will they be one he says in his mind

Humbly the servant prepares her to dine
Glances and pauses reveal her disguise
Matthew is coming; she’s brimming inside
Stoically she moves showing only her pride.

Precise the setting, and superb the wine.
Nothing compared to Mary at his side
Polite the manners, and coyly she smiles
Warming the eve in this cool British Isle.

The ballroom is empty; they stand face to face
He says it’s time to love and the past to erase
Snow falls and she smirkly says take a knee
Only to embrace with a passion so free.

Written by Dave Schipper to the Slane melody originally publish in Be thou my Vision in 1902 © 2012 Rose Riversongs.

Here's the melody

and of course here's a video of another love song for Lady Mary Crawley.