Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes.... the Zemmys need to be more than once a year

So it all started in MySpace, I was posting lyrics, prose, thoughts about politics, and oh the shout outs. I would have a favorite song thursday, and shared numerous video and CD information that I would happen across. Then I ventured into the BlogSpot world and I was convinced that this hodge podge wasn't good. So now I maintain too many blogs; one is for writing, another is about song writing, one is about my cd, and then one for the annual Zemmy Awards. So I noticed that I lost the impromptu shout outs. So I needed this daily, weekly, or every once in a while addition to The Zemmy Awards, and recently I've been watching a DVD on The Johnny Cash Show. So, I'm going to try and bring fresh talent, old talent, a touch of politics, a touch of inappropriateness, and of course entertainment. I will have regulars, but if I can't keep it fresh it'll die. I'm even tempted to open it up to others to write part of the blog. We'll see how it evolves.... now don't forget to scroll down to your daily dose of Calvin & Hobbes on the bottom of the page.

So let's kick this off with a little of Kristen's Ex-Life... (she did win three Zemmy's this year!)

Come along for the journey.

Dave Zeman


  1. Don't you think Kristin's a babe... love the dancin' at the end.



  2. ok I fell in love the song, and the cd version is awesome!