Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wild Women Don't get the Blues

I was reminded today about this song when I was thinking about a story that Hope Waits wrote in her blog about her wild adventures in New Orleans. Well she'll be playing live next week there, and if you are in the area, don't miss it... Here's a note from Hope.

Hi there! I wanted to let you know I'll be playing a show in the Big Easy this coming Monday. One day after the first weekend of Jazz Fest, (April 27th @ 10PM) you can find me at the Circle Bar, right on St. Charles, sipping a hurricane and singing tunes from my album, and tons of other fun melodies. This is a full band show, and should be tons of fun! The show is free. Be sure to bring a friend, and wear your best dancing shoes! And if you do not live in the New Orleans area, but you know of someone who does, send them my way! I promise not to dissapoint!


-Hope Waits

God I love this woman, her voice, her family background, and she has been kind to this old fart... I even got a signed cd liner after I bought her cd on iTunes. Some day... we're going to meet up at the Crackerbarrel... I'll eat any grits that she thinks I need to eat... HA...

So I wished her well. and told her "Wild women don't get the blues, but watch yourself in the big easy, stay among friends." So here is a group of women that tour under the famous title of Ida Cox's song.

Wild Women Don't Have The Blues


by Ida Cox
recording of July 1924
from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 (1924-1925) (Document 5323), copyright notice

I hear these women raving 'bout their monkey men
About their trifling1 husbands and their no good friends
These poor women sit around all day and moan
Wondering why their wandering papa's don't come home
But wild women don't worry, wild women don't have no blues

Now when you've got a man, don't never be on the square
'Cause if you do he'll have a woman everywhere
I never was known to treat no one man right
I keep 'em working hard both day and night
'Cause wild women don't worry, wild women don't have their blues

I've got a disposition and a way of my own
When my man starts kicking I let him find another home
I get full of good liquor, walk the streets all night
Go home and put my man out if he don't act right
Wild women don't worry, wild women don't have their blues

You never get nothing by being an angel child
You better change your ways and get real wild
I wanna tell you something, I wouldn't tell you a lie
Wild women are the only kind that really get by
'Cause wild women don't worry, wild women don't have their blues

Note 1: trifling, to talk in a jesting or mocking manner or with intent to delude or mislead. Also, to treat someone or something as unimportant.

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