Thursday, April 2, 2009

Corner Gas

Recently Lynn & Terry turned us on to Corner Gas, we love sitcoms, but have been choosy in the past. We were stuck on all the typical good ones, MASH, Cheers, Sienfeld, but now we like Scrubs, The Office, and 30 Rock. Of course it has all the trappings of a good sitcom, but it's based in a old gas stations with a cafe attached. Of course now I'm in love with Gabrielle Miller and when I told Lynn that she said, "You and all the truckers in Canada.".... Terry trucks into Canada, HA.... Enjoy... I am amazed and excited that it looks like every episode is up in You Tube. You should watch them in order, but "I Love Lacey"... so I'm posting this one. It does give you a real sense of each character and it does recap pretty well their quirks. It was the season finale.

Move over Pam Beesley, you have competition.

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