Friday, April 3, 2009

Hey Clay ... glad for your big night.

Today I tried one more time on the phone to get a ticket for my blog co-writer's concert at the Pump House, and sold out... just like I saw the night before. Maybe this is the coolest thing I've heard of in along time; a folk artist packing the house. Way to go Clay. I'm of course holding out for a private house concert with him and Michael Martin Murphy. Yes ... in my dreams, but I've had many dreams come true.

Including tonight, what you say? Yes our 18 year old son working and absolutely no other commitments, Lori and I had a normal Friday night from the past... a little conversation, a little intimacy, and a night out... boy.. we have, we did, and we still love each other.. So don't worry when I fawn all other my latest artist or actress, it's material for the next lyric or when Lori leaves the world before me. HA... she love's my rendition of my chasing women with a walker....HA.

So tonight.. here's Lori and my favorite song from a legend we've seen a few times... can you believe it had over 1 million views on YouTube?


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  1. Zem...thanks for the kind words and I'm sorry you didn't get in for the show. Who knew?

    I apologize for not being around much this past consumed with preparing for that concert, you know. I'll try and weigh in a little more often now.