Saturday, April 11, 2009

This blog needs a few more Roses....

So a few weeks ago we had Ashley Rose, so next my favorite pop queen from Vancouver, Rose Reiter. Dave liking pop music? Well ok you got me on that one, but she really has some excellent soft ballads, and did you see how beautiful she is? I admit my sin of falling easily in love, but looks are really just part of the equation. Eyes, passion, spirit, and yes humor all are essential parts, and then I've effectively gone.

Her blogs have been mixed with fictional intrigue, personal updates, poetry, and yes recipes; and that's what made me hang around. Now I hear she'll use her blog to tease us with her fictional novel she's writing. But I do love her passion she brings to her music, and she did what good people do... she hung around and made friends with me. Well enough that I can appreciate her kindness.

Her father recently passed away, so she hasn't blogged for ages, this week... two new ones including a recipe I thought I would share with you straight from her blog:

And in case you're wondering what I did end up eating for supper - a very simple and easy Italian dish:
Tonight's recipe: 10 minutes to make. Seriously. And it rocks with Chianti
Savoury Mediterranean Angel hair pasta
3/4 C Extra virgin olive oil
3 - 6 cloves of garlic - sliced thin (I used 4 tonight)
Basil leaves - a few. Sliced. (you can use scissors - easy breezy)
1/2 teaspoon of dried chili skin- the dried chillies - just grab the skin and crumble enough to your taste. (If you're new to this, then just use dried cayenne powder - just a pinch. And you can avoid this spice if you want).
About 3 - 6 kalamata Olives - Pit them and slice thin
About a cube of feta cheese - crumbled
About a cube of goat cheese (if you like - totally optional)
(And if you want: Add a few sliced artichokes & sliced sundried tomatoes)
Angel hair pasta - enough for 2 people.
1 organic bottle of Chianti. For drinking only. Be sure to open it and pour yourself a glass.
Boil water for angel hair pasta - but since it cooks so fast, don't cook the pasta until you're about 3 minutes away from serving. (Optional: Add lots of salt to the water to flavour.)
Take out a medium size saucepan and put about 3/4 C of your olive oil into it and add a few shakes of salt (to your taste). Low - Medium heat at the highest - tonight, I kept it under medium and turned it down to low after about 2 minutes.
Now, slice 3-4 cloves of garlic - really thin. (You can use more if you'd like).
Add the garlic to the heated olive oil - and watch! Don't allow the oil to brown the garlic too much - just slow and low heat.
Add the olives and the basil to the oil. Turn off the heat and allow the heat in the pan to cook the rest.

Cook your angel hair pasta - should take less than 3 minutes. Drain, put into a bowl, and immediately pour all the olive oil sauce over the pasta. Add feta, goat cheese, and I like to serve parmesan at the table.

Now how about a song? She's got a great percussion track on this to highlight her vocal skills.

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