Friday, April 17, 2009

Heather Waters is now in Genius... way to go kid

I am a huge use of iTunes mainly because I have never felt Best Buy or Wally World is not my best choice for music... ok yes CD Baby does now meet the need for eclectic tastes like mine, but com'on... I have spent more money on more variety of artist. My current iTunes has over 10 days of music to play end to end. So I was totally intrigued by Apple's addition of this Genius which will create a mix of 25 songs that should "Go Together" if you pick one song. Since I think Heather Waters is an under marketed and unknown wonderful artist, I've been watching to see if I click on one of her songs off the CD Zemmy Award of the year, what would come up. Well it's been a few months, but enough people have Heather in their playlists for them to calculate a Genius Playlist... and here it is.

Funny it found my few Rilo Kiley songs when Heather compares herself to the illegitimate child of Rilo and Emmy Lou Harris; but it didn't find any of my Emmy Stuff... Hey did I mention that Heather is coming back to the Bluff View in October?

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