Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's the Buzz...

Recently I was digging around to try find the Vinyl import I did a few years back on my Jesus Christ Superstar record. I grew up Roman Catholic and I proudly went to 8 years of private school. Now I'm proud to be a Lutheran within the ELCA world... whatever I am I feel I'm part of the whole Christian world though many of my closest friend's are in church's where they can't share communion with me. It makes me think Jesus would be so dreadfully sad. Why... we share the same hope but aren't friends enough to share the same body and blood of our Saviour. That is exactly why I take a lot of patience with people trying to comprehend Muslim faith and the contradiction of extremism and faith. I think Jesus abhorred extremism of the leaders, and so do I.... so let's just enjoy a great video from Andrew Lloyd Wright's incredible rock opera.

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