Friday, April 17, 2009

A couple covers...

A song that Chip Taylor and Kendel wrote, and the line in the 3rd verse that goes, "Crying Rearview Mirror Tears" became the title for Kendel's first solo cd produced by Chip on Trainwreck records.

I quickly just overplayed this song two years ago when I first got it... what a simply sad and wistful tale of a girl abused who runs away. Having only one son, we preach at him to teach all women with respect. I do understand all the ways of the world are pushing against men behaving themselves with common dignity, love and respect for women. I pray we make strides daily.

Now I had a few minutes and to think of the most favorite song I've been playing lately, it was a Tom Paxton song that our group re-learned for a 50th anniversary party. While I an lp of Tom singing this song, it was nothing until he sang it in a trio with Bob Gibson and Ann Hills... find this rare cd recording of a live's awesome. I would dedicate this to my angel friend Allison Sattinger and her beau Anthony would recently moved 6 hours north LA... but they are always home.

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