Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kendel Carson & Chip Taylor on FoxLA

About 3 years ago I found Kendel in the MySpace world, and I have been wowed over frequently. I did have her sneak me a signed CD before it was released. I can't wait until she wins some big award, or when I can finally run into her with her other great group she plays with, The Paperboys. I of course still follow her blog and just had to share this link to see her and my favorite old fart, Chip Taylor. Jon Voight brother, the same guy who wrote "Wild Thing".

So this isn't in You Tube, how about some screen captures to excite you.

Of course ... I do still think it'll be tough for her to top, "I like trucks"... BIG Trucks..and as all my readers know, I've been deeply in love with Kendel now for 2+ years... HA.

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