Monday, March 30, 2009

Sometymes Why new CD

I ran into a great review of the new Sometymes Why CD, "Your Heart Is A Glorious Machine" Here is part of it: Although Aoife O’Donovan, Ruth Ungar Merenda and Kristin Andreassen’s music is firmly rooted in bluegrass, the music on their new album Your Heart Is A Glorious Machine, is distant from the sounds of O Brother, How Art Thou and instead incorporates orchestral elements to compliment the baritone ukulele, in songs such as the second track, “Slow Down,” and leans more to an alternative rock Americana hybrid with the group’s gut wrenching cover of Concrete Blonde’s, “Joey.” The song, “Slow Down,” is an original piece written by O’Donovan and features her hauntingly beautiful vocals, and before winding down with Celtic like overtones. (The REST) Or read this ONE. or ANOTHER One. Or EVEN this one from Fire Note which is now in my side bar.

Now for my cultural education. I did not ever hear this "Joey" song by Concrete Blonde, so I looked it up on YouTube. Since they don't allow embedding, you will have to click on this to listen to it. WATCH IT As I'm writing this, I'm listening to the Sometymes Why beautiful 3 part harmony to this song. I will have to think it is 100 times better than the original. For the rest of the CD, I'm dabbling on it. These three are really good.

Here is a promotional video of the group and the CD release:

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