Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We Ride - Burning Man.

I know enough about Burning Man events to know that they bring out the most avant garde risk taking artists of our world.  Display art and burn it and tear it down.  Missy's song is nominated for something maybe a Grammy... all I can tell you is you should watch this and buy the song like I did.... it has her normal passion.  The portion below is the "About" from the video:

Inspired by her experience at Burning Man and by the movie Spark: A Burning Man Story, Australian singer & songwriter Missy Higgins wrote and performed this original song for the movie. This is not a music video! It is an unedited clip from the movie.

Spark is an independent film about the story and aspirations behind Burning Man as the event faces new challenges and growth. It premiered at SXSW 2013 and in theaters in August. Spark now is available on iTunes at

The Spark soundtrack is available on iTunes at

"We Ride" was performed & Written by Missy Higgins and produced by Dan Wilson. Released by Spark Pictures and

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