Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top Fav Videos for 2013

Oh my these are songs and videos that really were part of my life during 2013, thus had to be documented and shared:

10) Brett Dennen - Come Back Kid is really from 2011 but I discovered it this year and the song had many plays in all sort of iMixes I put together through out the year.

9) Summerlea - Belle Starr cover of Fred Eaglesmith tune is another video that was uploaded in 2011 but Belle Starr with Kendel Carson really got traction this year.  Must see them someday.

8) Annabelle Lee - Sarah Jarosz - ANOTHER 2011 video, but this video is just slightly underplayed and it's a great recording of another favorite.

7) Swimmer by Amanda Shires.. yep go figure another 2011 video but this one was my favorite when I started looking into her music.  I found her in right before she released a new CD; be careful on those rocks girl.

6) Safe And Sound - Taylor Swift with the Civil Wars... Oh my Denise from The Paradise.  Can't wait for the announcement of season three.

5) Lost at Sea with Nathan Calistro bass arrangement over SHEL's song.  What an innovative and talented bass player.

4) Sun to Sun with Lindsay Lou and Joshua Rilko.  I had a chance to host these two with Lindsay Lou and the Flatbelly's and this Kickstarter request kicked me over to contribute.  Joshua is such a lucky guy to be married to the wonderful Lindsay Lou.  I mentioned to them Lindsay's way she looks at Joshua reminds me of how Joy looks at John Paul in The Civil Wars sets.

3) McCreary's Pipes by Danny Schmidt... just love this story and the day after I hosted Danny and Carrie I told him that I would have loved to hear that song and that it sounded complex.  He said it's just a whole bunch of D's.  Danny is such a great songwriter.

2) Flesh & Bones by Barbara Jean with David Huckfelt on harmonies on this mysterious sounding piece.  MN Original also did a great job with her song "The River."  I had a chance to meet Barbara twice and in addition to the most stunning eyes you will see, she's a really nice person too.  Her banjo is great texture to the songs, and she is a wonderful viola player but tends to use that instrument as a backup to other vocalists.  David is part of the duo The Pines.

1) Like Minded Fool by SHEL.  They could have easily had 5 of the top ten, but I had to pick one and this one is so lush of color and Eva's eyes pierce thru this, basically the emphasis on all their eyes with the lyrics, "Look with your eyes..." hits me in the soul.*  Sarah does such a great job with the video editing and you wouldn't know that unless you've listened to them in concert; she should put a big tagline at the end. They had a goal to record a video for every songs and they must be over halfway there, waiting for Vinyl Memories, likely 2014 number one video.

*The lure of eyes in the top two is not very unusual, I've written about them a few times.  HA.

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