Saturday, December 14, 2013

The muse returns!

I've been feeling dry lately... a lack of words though not a lack of passion.

The other day I was humming Leonard Cohen's masterpiece, Hallelujah, and noted the structure, 8, 8, 10, with the 10 rhyming through out the entire song.  As a challenge, I decide to write a piece in that structure.  My Fantasy  is of course fitting my style of dreaming.  It is not merely one woman in this fantasy but a blend of many over my 55 years of eating lunch alone at a variety of places.

Then this weird world of Twitter has people who play the part of characters.  I ended up being followed by Lady Rose MacClare, and I was just being playful saying I wrote a piece for Mary but anything for Rose may end up being a little sassy.  She blew me a kiss, what was I to do but write something.  Ah... that feels good.

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