Monday, December 9, 2013

A voice made me turn today

I needed a jolt of music while at work and put on an old playlist on the iPhone playlist, a little while later I was picking up my phone to remind me who that voice was... Missy Higgins.  Ah... boy that's right... dark eyes, Aussie accent, and the cutest chin dimple.  I have to remember she's the answer to the most famous person I'd like to have play my house concert series... (at least today)  Later in the day I found she had tinted her hair, but is still stunning looking.

Then I found there was a whole concert on YouTube...

I've watched enough to know that I'm in love again.  Yes, I've heard she's either Bi or Gay, but I'm harmless in my love, I just would die to get a hug and a conversation over a glass of wine.  Yes she has nothing to hide. 

All I can tell you is that she is talented AND Pretty; I could look at that smile and those dark eyes for hours.

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