Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Xmas to ME! Top CDs of 2013

You may know me as a person who loves music, and I DO! So what do you do when you get $30 for Christmas when you really don't need anything.  You make sure it doesn't get sucked up into paying for the groceries, and go buy some music.

So with the wealth of top album lists of the year, I did some research:

Didn't find much at Paste that interested me, but I did note that Jason Isbell was at 11 and I was intrigued.  Next up, American Songwriter had a great list of 50 and there was Jason Isbell at number ONE!  First decision made, "Southeastern" Plus iTunes had it on sale for $7.99!  This list had a ton of artists that made me stop and read the writeup, but at 33 Mark Knopfler showed up with "Privateering" and iTunes had the 20 song cd for $11.99.  I'm in, and I've never been disappointed with anything Mark has recorded, and it's the first one I'm listening to:

Of course if you adding with me I have $10 to go.  Well I went to Spin to be surprised The Civil Wars, "The one that got away"was considered a COUNTRY recording, and that and it made an AP list I had to finally own maybe the last CD Joy and John Paul will put out.  Again iTunes had for only $7.99.... I just might have to go back to the lists and find a song or two.  Until the next post I have a lot of music to listen to!

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