Monday, April 7, 2014

Girls Don't Poop BLOOPERS -

The outtakes are as fun as the original YouTube and since ours is a variety show in the vein of The Johnny Cash Show, it needs a comedy sketch or a sponsor occasionally.  But I just had to get the full stink of the research behind this, and in full fledge modern way to find that, WIKIPEDIA - So the product is for real and the question is out if Bethany Woodruff is typecast to a strange product or one of the luckiest young ladies?  I'm going to guess and hope it's lucky... She's a quirky looking beauty with an infectious smile.

I loved Wikipedia linked Gene Weingarten's editorial about "Poop Shame" from which the below cartoon is linked.  So with all this linking going on, I'd recommend you take you lap top to the bathroom and read : POOP Shame

Then watch the bloopers, if you haven't seen the original... they of course have it linked inside the video... dang Marketers of poop products.... oh wait ... we love them for we are now rich from their sponsorship.

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