Sunday, April 6, 2014

Introducing Parousia

Parousia, according to Wikipedia, is a Greek meaning presence, arrival or an official visit.  I met these fine sisters singing on a video in Facebook.  Breathing new life into an old hymn.  They should did, and it was a wow moment.  Being on a Sunday, I was compelled to buy a song and put them into my 40 day journey.

They are a Christian group, and the word Parousia is mentioned 24 times in the Bible: Per Wikipedia:

The main use in theology is to refer to the second coming of Christ. However Karl Barth considered that category of parousia includes Resurrection Sundayand the Acts 2 Pentecost as well, and therefore that the New Testament parousia is not limited to his final return.[12]
That all said listen to these find voices.... and watch to the end, somewhat of their bloopers are on this video... and boy does it make them come across as some of the cutest people you will meet.

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