Monday, April 7, 2014

Next 40 day journey

With 8 days left, I have found my 40 day journey of new music too much fun so what's next.  I've decided.. 40 days of favorites that I've forgotten about.  I defined it by using iTunes smart playlist.  First it needed to be purchased in iTunes so that I can feel save to find a link.  Next I wanted to limit the number of plays, so I used why not FORTY plays as the limit.  I still had 2,153 songs to pick from so I used the 5 star rating and got it down to 126 songs to pick from.  Now just because a song didn't get a rating, didn't mean I didn't love it... it was just I never found myself sitting by the computer to give it a rating.  Armed with this, you should get many a good recommendations after I'm done with the current 40.

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