Sunday, April 6, 2014

Little Miss Higgins- Bargain Shop Panties and more

Readers of this blog likely know that I already love Missy Higgins, and now another Higgins shows up on the blog.  This one again comes from Neighbors Dog You Tube channel first, but when I bounced around, she sure has gotten bigger bands to follow her, and why not... Great singer, and guitar playing that reminds you of Bonnie Raitt.

This was the first video I watched:

Searched out other selections from the show with Little Miss and this one gets pretty funny when she asks the host for a shot, and really showcases her lead guitar work.

Then I searched for her and "Bargain Shop Panties" came up and HAD to listen to it, wonderful:

Of course a song like that has to have a story... next up a live recording:

She come back the next year, and there must have been a part when she gave panties to the heavy set Big Dave, because they came back to this show:

And remember I said she's attracting a lot guys to tag along with her? I truly love this video, and now I own it... it won't be in the 40 day journey because I like to keep it to one song by artist. (The 40 day song is a Dirty ol Tractor.) You know with all these new artists it's hard.... Here's a link to the song it's just like the video below, because I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do..

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