Monday, August 31, 2009

Leela and Ellie Grace

So I am officially old, when I remember first meeting Leela and Ellie Grace, they were some where around 9-13 and they touring with their parents. Five years ago I had a wild Idea when they were scheduled to play at the Great River Folk Fest, I invited them to play at our church. Oh they are not Christian artists, but the love, peace, and traditional hymn like sound that they bring; I knew the congregation would love them. They did, and when they came back to the Festival... I threw out the invitation again. Wow... no preparation of which song they would play, they were all wonderfully PERFECT. I couldn't let them leave without a photo op.

You shouldn't let them leave without checking out the beautiful harmonies, and rich traditional sound in their many originals.

or Leela's bouncing video with her rich song of healing "This is my Family"

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