Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Samantha Farrell CD of the Year?

A little over a week ago I received in the mail a gift. It was a marvelous gift, and it might end up securing the 2009 CD of the Year at the Zemmy Awards. Samantha Farrell is one of those new kind of friends. The ones my wife and son used to tease me about until they started showing up as tremendous, fantastic house concert artists. Now they understand I only network with the best... (HA... that's still not saying much about their tastes...)

Now Samantha and I have corresponded over her last cd a few times. She is one of those artists that doesn't fit my general tastes. Even a few songs in random mixes gets reactions from my wife Lori, "oh please skip this song"... But Sam's music has a way that has weaved itself into my psyche and into the Rose River's playlist with her song "Shake" So I get this cd in the mail... apprehension yes, appreciation of course, love it... I was holding off. Boy .. the more listens and it's a winner.

Now a test I think. I gave it to a friend at work to import to listen at work. I trust her computer skills to never share it because she is dumb to that .... or so she says, but I can tell, she's honest too. Oh she was so impressed she wanted me to show her how to buy it. Sadly, I showed her it's unavailable yet, but she could buy her other wonderful cd.

Now today I read someone who has more details in their review. Mine yes is lacking these, but it's early... the Zemmys don't come out until February. So until I write more... go read this great review....

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