Sunday, August 16, 2009

Love is free at last

Oh the journey of a songwriter... you few folks that had the blessing or curse to see the first taping of this song will like the journey. I am one that writes and song and lets it breathe a few days before going back at it. This time I made many of the lines easier to sing while keeping the rhymes and the meaning of each line. I truly am grateful for the day I saw Samantha Farrell's picture of her in a field with her guitar barefoot. She put the caption... Barefoot running through the daisy's and poof inspiration.

The song speaks Dylanesque to the passing of faith, to the promise of resurrection, to the plight of the hungry, and to the hope of the youth when they are blessed with a positive outlook.

The last verse was added to tie into the fourth part of the chorus, No Fears No Regrets... it has many many embedded Samantha Farrell song referenced. AND this recording of the song makes much more sense. I do think it'll hang with me and be on my next CD.

Love is Free at Last by Dave Schipper (c) 2009 Rose Riversongs

The field was filled with bare foot girls
The church doors opened wide
The laughter of the children filled
The spirit of these sullen eyes

Solid stone over 100 years old
Means nothing to the little ones
But a spirit binds a new foothold
One to last to their father’s sons

Hallelujah The spirit is passed
Hallelujah Love is free at last
Hallelujah The table is set
Hallelujah No fears, no regrets

A rich patchwork of sizes and colors
A human ebb that flows in waves
Precious fabric of his earth he covers
With the souls he pledges to save.

‘tween the toes are daisy petals
He loves me and he loves me more
He plants the seed and wins the medals
But he weeps at the wages of war Chorus

The field was filled with bare foot girls
The store doors opened wide
The hunger of the people filled
The spirit of these sullen eyes

A rich harvest is bountiful
Grown and watched to maturity
Tastes and words purposeful
Bear love of holy purity. Chorus

Driven to avoid the lamenting
Though streets were really torn apart
She kept her small frame moving
The chaos couldn’t shake her heart

Music played in this City of Dreams
She played the muse with luck
Won the prize, strawberry cream
She left as the melody stuck Chorus

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