Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marionette by Gabrielle Louise

Now this is cool.

New Song Lyrics: Marionette by Gabrielle Louise
eight pins in a rag dolls chest
you had me dancing like a marionette
I played ball with your bullshit
and turned on cue
amen, the candle's lit
I'm afraid my pride had to kill your puppet
karma hasn't caught me yet
but it will soon
hey you, everybody's happy when the money rolls in
hey you, first thing out are your good intentions
hey you, how do you act when you feel cornered
and what becomes of your perfect morals?
nine hens in a chicken coupe
kinda look like men in business suits
why lie when you can use the truth
in your favor
it rained for ten straight days
Noah's ark up and sailed away
The poorest were left to pray
for their savior
how do your heart strings hold up?
when human instinct shows up?
so who are we to judge?

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