Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nishike- One Village Music Project

Earlier in February during Phoebe Hunt's concert, she talked about her love for summer camps, and one she helps run, Fuel Our Fire   She then sang Nishike, a beautiful song that I believe is a Swahili means "Holding my Hand" and ties in wonderfully to the first verse.  It is on the CD named "One Village Music Project" and can be found on iTunes here.  At first I sampled three songs, Nishike, Yesu Ni Bwana, and Precious Human Life.  As writing this blog is both informative for you, it's a learning experience for me.  The words for it are from the Dalai Lama and of course a great mantra to start any morning.

Here's a great video, including a little more explanation from Phoebe.  What a talented young lady with a huge heart.

Take aways.... Of course you should Donate to their cause; and their website makes it easy. Click here please.

You should spend the $7.92 at iTunes to support the group and have them on your minds every time you listen to this wonderfully eclectic global sound.  Click here it's easy. I have a passion for some global music in my mix of life ever since Paul Simon's Graceland; and some of our global ELCA hymns are my favorite.  Try it, it's contagious.  BTW... I finished buying all the songs this morning.

Next up... watch for Phoebe Hunt coming through your town, support her music and you will find the community will keep growing.

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