Sunday, March 30, 2014

I need you most of the while

It's a bit unusual for me to go from buying a song on March 25th, to meeting the artist, to recording their song, but I've gone and done it.  I guess in hindsight, I had been contacted by Natalie a few months back when she sent me a note from her Concerts in Your Home page, and I must have like her because I subscribed to her email newsletter.  Then she sent a note saying she was coming to La Crosse to play the Root Note.  (A simply wonderful place in La Crosse)  It was mid-week but I got down there with my wife, and we both enjoyed it.  Luckily Lori was with me so she didn't need to worry I was meeting some artist that I fell in love with... Ha.. it's probably very possible for any warm blooded male to fall in love with Natalie.  Well less than one week later, guitar in hand I sat down to learn this song.  Again, when I learn it and force myself to record it, I find it sticks better.... and I work out all the parts that I have mistakes in before I get it right... This was probably the 6th take, and it always gets better.

Unlike many other artists that I network with, Natalie will likely see this.  She is a very connected new artist to all the new fangle social media, even has done a Google Hangout Concert!  Here's she is playing the song I recorded during the 60 minute concert.

My voice has never been called flattering, but covering another artist is supposed to be flattering, so here's my cover: (updated on Sunday with a little better production of the first video)

Now let's just say Natalie ROCKS compared to this old fart...

I did leave the first strip down take out there... why not, it's not my disk space.

Not sure if Charlie Midnight is this Charlie.  Natalie confirmed this is co-writer, what an interesting person.  I'll keep looking into him and the connection.


  1. Wow. David, Thank you so much for doing a cover of the song. It brought tears to my eyes... really wrote that as a young touring musician going through the struggle of playing shows and finding myself in all these new towns for the first time and feeling unsure about the connections I was making with people and the impact and import of it all. Really special to hear you cover it and it's the first time anyone has shared a real cover of one of my songs. So special. Thank you! And on a completely superficial note I really like the way you're picking it on the guitar! :D We'll have to play it together if we're at a show sometime!

    1. Natalie, don't worry my singing usually brings tears to people's eyes... but for other reasons. HA. Thanks for the nice words, I'm an ok guitarist, but I do excel at picking with runs and inflections. With this one had to keep my picks off to strum the chorus. Glad to be the first cover, you'll have many more... you are one talented lady. Anytime you're in the area, I'd love to play guitar behind a beautiful voice like yours.