Monday, March 10, 2014

Introducing Stephanie Hunt

Now my blog readers have heard I have re-kindled my love and appreciation of Phoebe Hunt, but I had her sister as an intrigue.  She sings great harmonies, but doesn't tour with her... a quick google search landed me on this page, and what surprise... the writer picked her number one, and lower on the list was Natalie Portman, who I also love.  I will continue to research her, but until future posts:

Per the writer: Greg Lockwe

1. Stephanie Hunt - I realize that most folks don’t know who Stephanie Hunt is … yet. You probably will soon enough. As of yet, her three notable roles have been on the minor side, save for her breakout role in a film called Love & Tambourines, a micro-budget cinéma vérité feature that did quite well at the Austin City Film Festival in 2009. Not only was Steph the lead in the movie, but she’s credited as a co-writer, alongside director Jeremy Cohen, a fellow Austinite who has filmed a number of student projects with our gal. After L&T, Steph went on to play Devin Boland, a thoughtful lesbian rock n’ roll chick, in the great “Friday Night Lights.” Next up was a stint on “Californication,” as well as one episode of “Greek.” So, yes, basically everything Steph has done up to this point has been good. Also, at some point, Stephanie was in a band called The Ghost Songs that we at the Ze Cat offices thought was very good. She’s done other music-related work here and there, though nothing too substantial (we suspect something might be in the works). Cute, cool, talented. The next Zooey Deschanel? Nah, something different. Probably stranger. Probably cooler. Maybe even cuter. Anyhow, below you’ll find an intimate little project Cohen and Hunt did together a little over a year ago; the last minute or so, in particular, is worthwhile. And, if you’re really intrigued, you can watch Love & Tambourines for free via YouTube HERE. (Note: it’s a different kind of flick, so hang in there.)

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