Saturday, March 1, 2014

Down River music by Kevin House

Actually I pinched myself when Gabrielle Miller interacted to a tweet I sent her way a few weeks ago about this blog.

And I've been following her since.... Now I find out she's in an incredible interesting sounding independent film coming out of Canada called Down River. Per the site:

Down River is the emotionally stirring story of three young women teetering on the edge between creative breakthroughs and personal breakdowns, and their connection with the older woman they rely on for guidance, support and inspiration.

And of course I needed to watch some videos to quickly be convinced, here's a beautiful song with clips:

And then the trailer:

And the composer of the music Kevin House with the artist, Colleen Rennison who plays the musician:

Down River with Colleen and Kevin from dinsdale pirahna on Vimeo.

I need to learn about Kevin's music... I did reach out to him on FB

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