Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Noisetrade - Best of Amy Speace

Amy Speace on NOISETRADE... http://noisetrade.com/amyspeace/best-of-so-far-noisetrade

I had to quickly check... this is the 12th time that I've tagged Amy Speace in this blog.  Suffice to say people, figure out she's good.  If you haven't heard hear before, here's a great free or TIP HER compilation of someone's thoughts of her top hits.  I'd argue where is "The Real Thing" or my two favorites:

Double Wide Trailer

It's too late to call it a night... (yes it's so easy to get lost in someone's eyes... mmm)  Still working on my band mate Paula to sing this.... her voice would fit it so.

I just might have to invite her to stop at my house concert... http://bluffviewconcerts.blogspot.com/

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