Saturday, March 23, 2013

Free Me - Dax Lion

I ran into this video, and really liked it... fitting it is the day I'm going to finally start working on my taxes.  I typically only complain about the drudgery of doing them and not paying them.  I do feel a pride of living in a free state, yes even free to listen to radical music or own an Uzi.  Paying some taxes is much better if you are safe and free.  I think I might venture over to iTunes and see if this song is out, but I do hope he does more Acoustically!  Here's what his website said:

Dax Lion Goes Acoustic!
Kingston, Jamaica- February 27, 2013- 24 years old Dax Lion explores the variations of music recording, with his new acoustic track, “Free Me”.
Produced by Andrae Carter, whose craft is also featured on the track, “Free Me” is a freedom song most of us can relate to;”Take me to the promised land…” Dax and Carter are excited about the track and hope their audience will share their enthusiasm.

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  1. Greetings, "Free Me" will be out on Itunes for purchase very soon. It will be apart of a compilation Dax will be releasing. Lookout for it in April.

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