Thursday, March 7, 2013

Belle Starr

I learned this from a recording of Jim Craig (who runs Hog Eye Music in Evanston IL).. but I was inspired to learn and to record it for this talented Canadian trio of fiddle players... including Kendel Carson

oh these lines though that the legendary Woody Guthrie wrote... this woman was probably kick ass beautiful like that trio in Canada.

Eight men they say combed that black waving hair

Eight men knew the feel of your dark velvet waist

Eight men heard the sounds of your tan leather skirt

Eight men heard the bark of the guns that you wore.

Belle Starr, Belle Starr, tell me where have you gone

Since old Oklahoma's sand hills you did roam?

Is it Heaven's wide streets that you're tying your reins

Or singlefooting somewhere below?

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful singing, and oh my what a song! One by Woody Guthrie I didn't know. A big gape in my musical education! Thanks, Dave.