Saturday, January 26, 2013

Simmerkane I and the Fall River Sybils - Chadwick Stokes

There is something about linking up with artists when they share their music freely with you.  You end up sharing your precious email to get on their mailing list, and you get some of their music. is just a conduit for such an exchange.  I've met artists that I've gone to iTunes to buy more and more, and I've reconnected with favorites who have put out live tracks or other songs that I haven't feasted on. Then Brandi Carlile used it as a tease for her Bear Creek Cd release by giving you one song off of it.  It's addictive and I still probably haven't listened to every track I've downloaded in my time.

This weekend I quickly downloaded an artist I hadn't heard of Elin Ruth, and two I knew a little about Carrie Rodriguez and Chadwick Stokes.  Which brings me back to the blog title; Chadwick would not be in my iTunes if it weren't for my son buying the song "Coffee & Wine" below.  I always thought he was from England based on his accent, but he's from that hot bed of acoustic music, Boston.  I'm enjoying the Simmerkane... it's a re-release of early stuff, very stripped down.  Here's a write up of it.  So now Chadwick has my email, we'll see what news he'll send me.

This is fun sneak view into the chorus behind him...

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  1. This is fantastic, voice. music, lyrics, the whole package! Love it. Now that we have a new computer, I can catch up on some of The Zemmy Show that I've missed. The sound had completely gone on the old one and it would not play videos!