Friday, January 11, 2013

Come on up to the house

So lately I've taken pause to find Sarah Jarosz to fill in voids. She does the ultimate best cover of Ring them Bells, one of my top 25 all time Bob Dylan songs. So when I bought her song Come on up the House, I did not know that it was a Tom Waits song. So I went on to YouTube for this adventure, and I might as well bring you along. First Sarah from when she was on Austin City Limits: Then Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow did a duet with it... This one by The Spring Standards is outstanding and it makes me want to get our little cover band to add it to our set list. Then there is the master song writer... I share a poor quality video of a live recording rather than like the Willie one above. I kind of despise when people steal the song from a music file and post it to YouTube with one picture. (stealing and lazy.)

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