Monday, January 21, 2013

Introducing Belle Starr

Belle Starr is probably a three piece group that you never expect... three drop dead gorgeous women, three outstanding fiddle players, three successful women that have played with other bands, and three Canadiens.

Here's how they describe themselves:

 Miranda likes champagne, pearls and stamps on her passport.
Kendel likes the smell of leather, a well told story and the backbeat of old rock & roll .
Stephanie likes road trips, fiddle jams, and old mgm movie-musicals.

I know of them because I follow Kendel Carson's career since she was playing with The Paperboys.  Then she went on to record & tour with the infamous Chip Taylor (Wild Thing)

But now Belle Starr is kicking some dust up in Canada, and life couldn't be sweeter for anyone who gets a chance to see them. Here's another write on them.   And here's a cool video they did covering a Fred Eaglesmith song.  Enjoy... I'm hoping they get to the states some day.. say my house concert series? 

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